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Argumentative Essay Writing: Great Topic Ideas and Tips

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Topic for Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to pick a topic that can be discussed from different angles. As a writer, you have to choose a certain position and defend it in your paper. To compose a successful piece, you have to do a deep research and invent some ideas and arguments. However, even before you start researching, it is crucial to make sure that your topic is good enough. If your thoughts are something like, “I need to write my essay, but I’m already stuck with it,” then this list of topics will surely come in handy.

Tips on how to choose a good topic

Pre-writing work is no less important that writing itself. In some sense, it is even more important, because if you fail to find a topic that interests you, then you will be bored and frustrated while you write. Is it even possible to create a good paper when your topic bores you to tears? Of course, not. What is more, it is really hard to argue on a certain position about a subject you don’t really care about. The second problem here is a necessity to find a topic that has already been researched by professionals. This way, you will find enough information to grasp it better.

When choosing a topic, make sure that you have a general understanding of it. Pick something you are passionate about and you will see how ideas and arguments born inside of your mind without any special effort. Remember that your task is not only to focus on the point you agree with. You will also have to present an opposing view and show what weaknesses and strengths it has. Which topic would you enjoy researching? Which one interests you so much that you want to learn more about it? Do you have a solid position about something? Do you understand why other people may think differently? These questions will help you stop on something that really suits you. And now, let’s move to a list of topics! Think about them and choose the one that you like.

A list of interesting argumentative essay topics to check out

  • How is it possible for religious movements to cause violence and death?
  • Should governments solve the ecological problems or should we approach them on the level of an individual?
  • Do European countries have a right to impose their ideals on other countries with different cultures and history?
  • Should we ban alcohol like drugs?
  • Feminism: positive and negative results
  • Should governments track private life of people in social media?
  • Teenagers and their addictiveness to technology: is it a trait of the new world or should we regulate it?
  • Do video games really cause real-life violence?
  • Children punishment: can we allow it in any way?
  • Stereotypes about women and how they change in today’s world
  • Is it any difference between digital and real-life communication in the era of Internet?
  • Single-sex schools: do we need them?
  • Should governments punish any forms of social activism?
  • Self-treatment: is it as dangerous as it said?
  • Should children have a right to get hired?
  • Animal testing: should we stop it? What are the consequences of stopping it?
  • Teen pregnancy: what is the most effective way to prevent it?
  • Should the government decide if parents treat their children in the right way?
  • Cameras in public places: is it a measure of security or invasion of privacy?
  • Are football players and actors paid too much?
  • Are beauty contests objective in any way?
  • A debate on gay marriage
  • Is it possible for people to stay in a healthy psychological state when they don’t work for a long period of time?
  • Do we still need grades at schools?
  • Should we make the gun control tougher?

Should rich people pay higher taxes?

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