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Our Extras

VIP Customer Service

We pay special attention to every client’s needs. However, we cannot foresee all the possible situations. If you want to stay in touch with our writers and make sure that the whole writing process goes well, select the “VIP customer service” extra. We will send you SMS notifications about every stage of your order. In addition, all your questions and requests will be marked by our Customer Support Representatives as the most important ones and so considered immediately.

Students order VIP customer service when they want their paper to be written as soon as possible, and when they want to work with the best writers, being able to control the whole process. With this option, you don’t need to worry about your order anymore.

Preferred Writer

Many customers want to work only with the most experienced and skilled writers. If you would like to choose or best writers for your orders, select the “TOP writer” option when placing an order on our website. If you’re not used to such additional features and you want to get the same benefits for a lower price, choose the “Advanced writer” extra. Quite often, our customers are happy with how a particular writer performed their order, so they want to work with him or her again. For such a purpose, we provide “My previous writer” option. This option is available if the deadline for your order comes in no less than 24 hours. Given the urgent need, the price of your order will increase regardless of the writer’s level.

Some students want to make sure that all their works are written in the same style so that they look holistic. The easiest way to make it possible is to select the “Preferred writer” option and work with the specific writer all the way.

Plagiarism Report

We don’t need to explain to you what it is because every student knows it well. You can order a detailed plagiarism report based on the WebCheck system, for the affordable price.

Plagiarism is the most dangerous problem for many students. Professors always check all assignments for plagiarism, so our customers don’t want to worry about it. Select the “Plagiarism report” extra when placing an order, and get results of the reliable plagiarism checking tool to be sure that your paper is original.

Abstract Page

Students often need to write an Abstract page without the clear understanding of what it is. This is a common problem because nobody can teach you how to make a great Abstract. There are some manuals on the internet, and you can try to apply somebody else’s experience when writing your paper, but is it the right time for such experiments? You know that you can rely on our writers when asking them to write your paper, so they are those who can write its summary better than anyone else.

Many professors are especially demanding when it comes to an Abstract. To get the highest grade, you have to present a perfect page that won’t raise any concerns about your writing skills or understanding of your own topic. Some students think that such a task is simple, so they decide to write an Abstract without help. We suggest you asking professionals who know all specific features of this part of an assignment.

Source Used

This option allows you to get not just a list of sources but the actual cited pages in .pdf/.docx/.doc formats. Once your order has been completed, the actual sources become available for downloading in your control panel.

Table of Contents

This option will help those who want to add a table of contents to their paper. It will depict the whole structure of your paper, and it’s really cheap.

Editor’s Check

Many customers want to make sure that their paper is perfectly written and that it will be appreciated even by the most rigorous professors. If you want your paper to be additionally checked by our editors, choose the corresponding extra when placing an order on our website.

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