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The authorization process is quite simple, and it takes just a few steps.

  • First of all, take your credit card. All we need to know are the last four digits of your credit card and the name of its owner.
  • To authorize your personality, take any document that proves your identity (passport, driver’s license, student card, library card, etc.) We only need to know your name and country.
  • Use a scanner or just take a photo with your phone, and send us pictures of your documents via email, or using the control panel.
  • Your payment is authorized!

Our payment authorization system is also used by such companies as Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay, etc.

What is Account and Payment Authorization?

This is a process of validation of the information provided by you when registering on our website. We have to make sure that you are the actual cardholder and owner of the account.

We need to authorize our customers to protect your personal information and payments from any kinds of fraud. We must make sure that no one will use your personal data to exclude any possibility of a financial crime.

Why Do I Need to Authorize My Account?

You have to authorize your account to be sure that nobody else has access to your account. Once you’ve authorized the account, we will pay special attention to your requests in the future. Nobody except one of our Risk Account Representatives has access to your information. We don’t share your data with anybody else, and we don’t store it for other needs.

What Documents Do I Need to Provide?

We need photos of your credit card and any document that confirms your identity. This must be a document that includes your full name, birth date, your photo, and your citizenship status. We only need particular information from your documents.

What Information Do You Need on My Credit Card?

We need to know the last four digits, your full name, the bank, and the type of the card. We never ask our customers to tell us the CVV code or the expiration date. You can blur this information on photos that you send to us.

What Do You Need on My ID?

We don’t ask you to give us all details on your ID. We just need to know your full name and address. Moreover, we ask our customers to hide unnecessary details.

What Do You Do With My Information?

We check that the details of transactions match the given information.

How Can You Be Sure That This Information Is Correct?

We see details on your transaction in the payment system. Thus, our Risk Department knows the last four digits of the credit card and the name of the cardholder.

How Do You Authorize These Details?

Our Risk Department makes sure that the information on the photos of your credit card and ID document matches the billing information. If the information is correct, it means that the payment is made by the actual owner. If we don’t have some of the documents, we can use other methods and means of authorization.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Card?

Yes, you can, but we must make sure that the cardholder knows that you use his or her card. Thus, you can ask him or her to provide us with the information listed above. We will also need the cardholder’s actual phone number to contact the cardholder and authorize payment.

I Don’t Want to Share My Documents Online. What Can I Do?

The authorization procedure is necessary for us to guarantee your financial safety. We always see this information anyway so we just need to make sure that it matches your documents. Thus, we can guarantee that your data hasn’t been stolen by somebody else to purchase something online. In case a transaction looks suspicious, we may contact the Fraud Investigation Bureau to block the stolen card.

Is It Safe to Share My Information with You?

Yes, it is completely safe. We don’t store your data. When you send us photos of your documents, only one person can see them. Our Risk Department Representative will validate your data and delete it right after the authorization is complete. Usually, the whole process takes no longer than 16 hours. We never disclose your data to any third parties. Your safety is our highest priority.

I Don’t Think This Procedure Is Necessary

The truth is, online sales are always associated with a high risk. We want to eliminate any possibility of the identity theft. We don’t want somebody to use a stolen card for purchasing our services. In case of any unauthorized use of your credit card, you can contact our Risk Department immediately and get your money back. You will also help us find these criminals.

Now I’ve Got It. How Can I Authorize My Payment?

You can provide us with necessary documents by uploading your files on our website, sending them to our email address, or using a fax. This is easy, just check out our instructions above.

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