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Terms of Use

This document is legally obligatory. All relations between parties are regulated only by this document. Agreeing to these Terms of Use, you express consent to be bound by this document. All parties have equal rights and obligations. Parties are referred as “Website” or “we”, and “You” (the person who opens the website in a browser).

You express your consent to be bound by this document by opening this website in your browser. If you don’t agree with the Terms of Use, please don’t place orders and stop viewing the website. We recommend studying this document before using the Website, since it describes important details of work with the Website.

By opening this website in your browser, You confirm that you have read, agreed, and understood the Terms of Use, which is a legal agreement between You and the Website.

Our Services

The main service of our Website is Copywriting, which means writing unique texts to order.

Text materials are unique writings of any size and on any topic, in a digital form. All texts are written by professional writers. The relationships with writers are not considered in this document.

Texts are written according to individual requirements provided by You. You have to describe your order in details using a special section on the Website.

This Website can be viewed for free only for the purpose of getting information. Any other use requires an additional agreement between You and the Website.

We can solve tests and other tasks for You, in case You upload them. We don’t work on any tests that require You to log in.

We also offer professional proofreading and editing, which includes checking grammar, punctuation, spelling, and stylistic mistakes, as well as checking for plagiarism.

Order Placement

To place an order on the Website, You have to fill an online form. You have to provide us with all information that is necessary to perform the order. You shouldn’t include any untrue or false information as You place an order. The personal information is saved and used according to the Privacy Policy.

You can receive information on important stages of placing the order via SMS or email.

We encourage customers to use certain options while placing the order. You can choose such options as VIP customer service, Plagiarism report, Preferred writer, and Abstract page.

Selecting the “Preferred writer” option, You can choose the following options: “Advanced writer”, “Regular writer”, “My previous writer”, and “TOP writer”. The “Regular writer” option doesn’t affect the price of the order. By choosing this option, you agree that your order will be performed by professional writers, but You won’t be able to choose a particular writer. The “TOP writer” option implies that your order will be performed by one of the most experienced writers. In this case, the price of the order is calculated depending on the number of pages, deadline, type of writing, and academic level. By selecting the “My previous writer” option, you get an opportunity to specify the ID of a particular writer. Your assignment will be done not less than in 24 hours. The impact of the deadline on the price doesn’t depend on the writer’s level. In case your writer cannot perform the task, we will find another writer. By choosing the “Advanced writer” option, you will pay a smaller fee than in case of the “TOP writer” option. This option also implies a better result than “Regular writer”.

If you choose the “VIP customer service” option, your requests and messages will be considered in the first place. You will also get SMS notifications about your order. You have to specify a correct phone number to allow us to send you messages. The price for this option is mentioned in the Prices section of the Website.

The “Plagiarism report” option implies a detailed report on plagiarism based on the WebCheck system. The price for this option is mentioned in the Prices section of the Website.

If you need an Abstract page, select the “Abstract page” feature. You cannot request an Abstract page if you don’t select this option. The price for this option is mentioned in the Prices section of the Website.

If you need a list of sources used for your paper, select the “Sources used” option. To get a table of contents, choose the “Table of contents/Outline extra” feature. To order professional proofreading of your paper, order the “Editor’s check” extra. Prices for these additional services are mentioned in the Prices section of the Website.

The price of the order is calculated after You complete the form, based on the academic level, type of work, deadline, and chosen extras. The deadline timer will activate only after you make the payment.

Fees and Payment

We offer our services at a certain price. Prices may be changed at any moment. Before placing an order, You must view current prices on the Website.

Additional services, such as “Abstract page”, “Plagiarism report”, “VIP customer service”, “Preferred writer”, and others, may include an additional fee.

Note that VAT isn’t included in the list of prices. You must pay it in case You place orders from the European Union. During the process of the payment transaction, VAT will be added to the total price of the order. VAT may also be charged in case You place orders outside the EU if the state law requires it.

We have a right to charge you a price different from the price list on the Website and charge you another fee. You can cancel your order before the payment is completed.

You can pay in advance, and we will find a freelance writer who will work on your order.

You also can save your money as credit. In this case, money will be saved on your personal account, and you’ll be able to use it for a current order, or in the future.

Multiple choice texts and other similar tasks have special price system. To place such an order, You have to complete a special order form.

You can pay using different methods. Currently, our Website accepts Visa cards, MasterCard, and Webmoney.

Order Fulfillment

When the ordered texts are completed, you can see them in the panel of your personal account. If You are satisfied with the result, You can approve it and download texts.

If You don’t express any claims within 14 days, the text material will be considered approved.

We may ask You to complete our quality assessment survey, in order to improve the quality of our service.

If You order proofreading or other editing services, our writers will change not more than 30% of the text provided by you.


We must make sure that our Website and texts provided by our writers are not used for any illegal purposes. We also have to assure you that our work meets all necessary requirements. For such a reason, we use the system of mutual warranties.

By accepting the Terms of Use, You warrant that:

  • You have read and understood the Terms of Use.
  • Any ideas and information from the text material should be cited properly.
  • All text materials are provided only as examples for reference, research, or for You to learn how to use certain citation formats (Chicago, Harvard, APA, Turabian, MLA, etc.)
  • You agree that all text materials are written by freelance writers who transferred ownership and all the rights to us, our partners, and affiliates.
  • You agree that this Website receives payment for effort and time spent on gathering, posting, organizing, editing, correcting, and delivering the text materials, as well as on administration, maintenance and advertising of the Website.
  • You will not publish, reproduce, transmit, distribute, display or modify text materials acquired from our writers and contents of the Website without our written permission.
  • You agree to destroy all text materials immediately after your research or reference use of the texts is complete. You agree to not distribute or use any parts of the text without proper citation.
  • You agree to not put your name on the text material. According to the Terms of Use, these materials are provided only for your non-commercial personal use. You don’t acquire any economic or moral intellectual rights on the provided text materials.
  • You must provide accurate information upon our request.

From our side, we warrant that:

  • We have necessary intellectual property rights to provide You with text materials that can be used by You according to this document.
  • The level of plagiarism in our text materials must be lower than 10%, except bibliographical references and clichés.
  • We must follow all your reasonable requirements and instructions.
  • We must carry out the necessary research in order to deliver the text material.
  • Making our Website available is our commitment, but we are not responsible for the site being unavailable. We may cut the access to this Website at any moment without any notice.


You have a limited opportunity for money refund, which can be issued only to the original source of payment. Refunds are regulated by Money back guarantee document.

Intellectual Property Rights

We prepare unique text material for your orders. You pay for the work, but not for the intellectual property rights. All rights on text materials provided by our service belong to us.

We guarantee to do our best to deliver text materials that are not plagiarized and don’t break copyright laws.

We provide You with a limited right to use the unique text materials according to the Terms of Use. This limited right remains in force for six months from the payment transaction.

We do not encourage or allow plagiarism or any other kind of academic dishonesty and fraud.

The acceptable level of plagiarism is 10%. If this level is higher, You have a right to ask for refund or revision, according to Revision policy and Money back guarantee.

Please note that clichéd phrases (connectors, idioms, and other standard phrases which are frequently used) and bibliographical references shouldn’t be included in plagiarism calculations or considered plagiarism.

All the text materials provided by our service are not stored by us. We can publish any text material as a sample essay in case the material has been finished and You claimed a refund.

Acceptable Use

You have a limited right to use the unique text material. You must comply with all limitations listed below:

All text materials acquired from our Website and writers are for reference/research use only.

You shouldn’t cause any harm to us by using the purchased text material. You shouldn’t make any alterations of these materials.

You shouldn’t pass text materials to third parties or distribute them for any purpose, including payment.

You shouldn’t put your name on the purchased text materials.

You agree that any text material delivered to You is provided only as an example. Any ideas, text, references and other use of our text materials in your own original paper must be attributed to the Website and properly cited. You shouldn’t use any delivered materials to pass any online tests.

You agree to not use any provided materials for your legal or professional advice.

You agree that purchased materials will not be used for receiving any marks, grades, or other academic achievements.


Free Revision Guarantee

Free revisions can be performed only according to the Revision Policy. View this section for more details.

Communications Procedure

We make everything possible to ensure easy and qualitative communication with our customers. This is a reason why we ask You to provide us with your correct email address and phone number so we could send You promotional materials and notifications.

You agree to receive notifications, promotional materials, and advertisement by accepting the Terms of Use.

We may use any information submitted by You to the Website, including emails and phone numbers, for purposes listed in the “Order placement” paragraph of the Terms of Use. If you want to stop receiving emails and SMS notifications from us, we ask you to contact us and tell us about your decision. We will stop sending You this information as soon as your request is received.

We may additionally use your email and phone number for the purposes of promotion and marketing, informing You about discounts, special offers, etc. If You choose the “VIP customer service” option, we will send You notifications to inform You about the process of writing.

For your convenience, we must follow the following rules of communication:

  • Our marketing emails will include the sender’s information (phone number and the website name), the sender’s physical address, and the fast unsubscribe link.
  • Our advertisement will be always market as advertising messages.
  • The sender’s contacts will be available during 30 days since the message has been sent.
  • We may also send You marketing messages to your phone number. You have a right to opt out of our messages by replying to the message with an SMS.
  • You won’t be charged for any opt-out answers, complaints or feedback.

Limitation of Liability

You agree to hold the Website and its employees, directors, agents, officers, representatives, shareholders, subsidiaries, representatives, fulfillment and promotion agencies, affiliates, legal advisers, and any third-party providers of data harmless from any damages, claims, losses and other actions related to the text materials, including but not limited to:

  1. failed, delayed, or incomplete computer transmissions;
  2. software, hardware, electronic, network, telephone, computer or email malfunctions and difficulties or failures of any kind;
  3. conditions caused by events beyond our control that may cause delays or damage to the text materials;
  4. typographical or printing errors in any text materials provided by our service;
  5. damages,injuries or losses of any kind as a result of or in connection with our services.

We will not be liable to You in following cases:

  • You don’t understand the delivered text material;
  • You don’t get the desired result from using our materials;
  • You misuse the delivered text material;
  • You suffer any bad consequences from using our text materials.

You agree to defend and hold us and our affiliates harmless from any demand, suit or claim, including fees made by a third party due to your violation of the Terms of Use or violation of third party’s rights.

We are not liable for any incidental, direct, indirect or punitive damages caused by the use of the Website or any information provided by us.

Our Website contents links to other websites which allow you to leave the Website and go directly to other sites. We are not responsible for any content or any transmission received from linked websites.

We, our partners, and affiliates are not liable for any illegal, unethical or other inappropriate use of the text materials received from us, including plagiarism, suspension, failure,lawsuits, and any other legal and disciplinary actions. You agree that You are fully responsible for any legal or disciplinary actions caused by the illegal, unethical, or improper use of the text materials provided by the Website.

We are not liable for any technical issues or delays in delivering text materials caused by malfunctions of any mail provider or any Internet Service Provider.

We don’t guarantee any certain grade, nor You can ask for are fund if You have been assessed negatively.

Final Provisions

The Terms of Use forms a full understanding between us and You. You shouldn’t rely on any verbal or written information which is not directly referred to in the Terms of Use.

If You or we are unable to enforce the implementation of any paragraph of this document, it must not affect the right to enforce any paragraph of this document in the future.

Feedback and notices on this document are considered read after 1 day since they were sent.

No information from this document must create any sort of partnership, joint venture or employer-employee relationship between You and us. Neither it allows You to act as a representative or agent of us.

No third party has any rights nor any obligations for a third party should be initiated due to this document.

Messages, consents of applications, requests, and inquiries will be sent by any communication means. English is a language of communication between You and us.

If any paragraph of this document cannot be enforced by any appropriate authority, its provisions must be altered in a way that makes it enforceable.

Meanings of the provisions are not limited to the meaning of any heading. The headings are provided only in order to make these Terms of Use more legible. Headings shouldn’t be considered while interpreting the Terms of Use.

Only the law of the United Kingdom must govern relations stated in the Terms of Use.

You agree that we may unilaterally change this document without any notices or warnings.

The Terms of Use is an electronic agreement that must have the same legal force as if signed in ink.

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