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Privacy Policy of Our Service

This Privacy Policy regulates your and our behavior related to the use of this website and associated services. This Privacy Policy is a legal document.

Relationships between you and us must be governed by this document only. You enter into an agreement with us by consenting to be bound legally by this Privacy Policy. We and you have mutual legal rights and obligations according to this document.

By opening this website on any device, you agree to be legally bound by this Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree with any of the statements mentioned below, don’t place any orders and stop looking at this website.

Various important issues of privacy which may arise while browsing the website are described below. We ask you to read this document before you continue using this website.

In this document, we will refer to us as “website”, and any person who opens this website will be referred as “you”, for the purpose of convenience.

Privacy Policy

This document is a special form of agreement. By opening this website in a browser on any device, you consent to enter into this agreement.

We may ask you to express your sufficient consent repeatedly.

If you don’t agree to enter this agreement, your use of the website is considered illegal.

If you don’t agree with any points of this document, we ask you to close this website immediately and not place any orders on this website.

This Privacy Policy has the force during the whole period of your use of this website.

General Provisions

This website is aimed to provide you with products and services of the highest quality. To make it possible, we provide an accurate and simple identification procedure. We get only certain kinds of information about your use of our services. It is done in order to improve our services and satisfy our customers.

By consenting to this Privacy Policy, you agree that information obtained from you will be sufficiently specified, explicit, and legitimate. You sufficiently consent that your information is complete, relevant, up-to-date, and accurate. You agree that this information isn’t excessive regarding the purpose.

The information obtained due to this document must be received and considered fairly and legally. No information will be knowingly obtained without your sufficient consent.

You may submit information personally. We also may get it on your consent.

You can submit information in following cases:

  • in case you fill any forms or questionnaires;
  • in case you communicate with us;
  • in case you identify your personality.

We also may obtain information using following methods:

  • using cookies and other similar technologies;
  • observing your interactions with the website;
  • tracking your transactions on the website.

We never collect information that reveals or concerns your:

  • ethnic or racial origin;
  • sex life;
  • political views;
  • physical or mental health condition;
  • religious or philosophical beliefs of any kind;
  • criminal convictions.

Information We Obtain as You Browse the Website

We automatically obtain the following types of information once you opened the website in a browser on your device:

  • operating system;
  • browser type;
  • access time.

This information cannot be used to identify you. We make no attempts to reveal personalities of people who use or visit our website.

We collect such information in order to improve our service and content.

Information We Get as You Purchase our Services

If you want to not only look at our website but also purchase anyof our services, we ask you to provide us with certain information. This information is necessary for us to prepare and deliver your text materials. In this case, we receive the following information:

  • certain information on your credit card;
  • phone number;
  • copy of driver’s license or national ID;
  • email address.

Note that your phone number and email may be used for promotional and marketing purposes and for notifying you about special orders, discounts, etc. If you order the additional “VIP customer service” feature, we may deliver you notifications to let you know that a writer has started writing your text or that your material is completed.

We may use your email to send you notifications about important stages of preparing your order, as well as notifications that clarify any issues.

If you order services on this website, we may ask you to send us a copy of your ID or information on your credit card. We ask you to give us only information that is necessary for payment authorization, such as your first and last names, and last 4 digits of the number of your credit card.


We use cookies to make your experience from using our website better. You can get more information about cookies in the Cookie policy section.

Manner of Communication

While collecting and using your personal information, we follow the highest standards. This is a reason why we take seriously any complaints about this issue. We encourage you to tell us if you think that our use and collection of information is misleading, unfair or inappropriate. We welcome any suggestions for improving our services.

We can provide you with any necessary explanation or additional information. To get it, send your requests to our email.

You always have access to your information. To check your personal information, make a “subject access request” under the Data Protection Act 1998. In case we hold any information about you, we will:

  • tell you who it can be shared with;
  • give you its description;
  • let you have a copy of such information;
  • tell you why we hold this information.

To request any personal information, write your request and send it to our Customer Service Representatives’ email.

If you want to opt out of SMS notifications and emails from us, contact us. Our contacts are displayed on the website. We will stop sending you messages as soon as we receive your request.

Final Provisions

Personal control panel, inquiry pages, and the information on your order are processed with the use of the SSL technology, which guarantees the safety of your transactions and confidentiality.

We will take reasonable efforts to prevent third-party access to your personal data and ensure your safety. In case our legal obligations require us to disclose the collected information, we will do it.

This document creates a full understanding between you and us. You and we shouldn’t rely on any verbal or written information that is not expressly set out in this document.

If you or we cannot enforce the implementation of any statement from this Privacy Policy, it must not affect any right to enforce this or any other provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Notices and reports under this document will be considered read within 1 day from the moment when they have been sent.

No provision in this document may establish any sort of partnership, joint venture or employer-employee relationship between you and us. Neither we and you must act as agents of one another or enter any agreement as representatives or agents of any kind.

English is a language of communication between us and you. We and you may communicate in any way to send requests, consents, inquires or applications.

If any provision of this Privacy Policy cannot be enforced by the relevant authority, it may be altered, rewritten or interpreted in any way that reflects the nature of this provision as much as possible.

Headings above are included for the purpose of legibility only. Note that content and meaning of any paragraph placed under a certain heading is not limited to the content and meaning of the heading. When considering and interpreting this document, headings shouldn’t be taken into account.

The legislation of the United Kingdom is the only legal system applicable to the relations described in this Privacy Policy.

We can modify, amend, or alter this document at any moment without any notices or warnings.

This Privacy Policy is an electronic document which has the same legal force as if signed in ink.

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