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Quality Evaluation Policy

We are proud of the excellent quality of our service. Our team is always ready to help you with any academic needs. However, sometimes some unforeseen things happen and you may be not fully satisfied with the result. In this case, we will compensate you any unwanted experience.

To let all our customers express their concerns about the quality of their order, we created a special procedure — Quality Evaluation. Our Customers Experience Managers are in charge of this procedure. Their main goal is to make sure that every our client is satisfied with the order after the Quality Evaluation. The Quality Evaluation is a useful mechanism that helps you get fast and professional assistance. In addition, this procedure implies just a few simple steps.

What If I’m Not Satisfied with the Quality of My Paper?

Request a revision.

  • Indicate your instructions clearly so that a writer can take into account your demands.
  • If you see that the initial writer is still unable to give you the paper you are looking for, follow the next step:

Ask for a different writer.

  • Tell your new writer about everything that you want to be improved or changed.
  • Let us know if you think that it would be easier for a new writer to just write a new paper from scratch.

Request Quality Evaluation.

  • If you can prove that the delivered version of your paper doesn’t meet your initial requirements and you don’t need or don’t want a new paper, contact our Customer Service and ask for Quality Evaluation.

What Does Quality Evaluation Mean?

The Quality Evaluation procedure implies official negotiations between you and our Customer Experience Manager. During these negotiations, you have a chance to agree on the possible credit, refund, or other compensation for your unpleasurable experience.

When Can I Ask for Quality Evaluation?

  • When you receive your order but you are not satisfied with its quality and think that a revision won’t help.
  • You approved the order, but it contains plagiarized parts. In this case, you will need to prove that plagiarism was detected by showing results of reliable plagiarism checkers.

We suggest reading our Terms of Use before you initiate the Quality Evaluation procedure.

How to Send My Order for Quality Evaluation?

  • First of all, contact our Customer Support Representative and describe your problem.
  • You will receive an automatically generated message where you have to confirm that you want the Quality Evaluation procedure to start.

How Long Does It Take?

Our Customer Experience Managers must provide you with their resolution within 14 days.

How Can I Get My Order in Time and Avoid the Evaluation Process?

  • Authorize your payment as soon as possible to exclude all possible delays. A writer is able to start working on your order only after authorization is confirmed.
  • Describe what your order must look like. Tell your writer all necessary details. If you have an outline, send it to us so we will know what you’re looking for.
  • If you have been worked with some writer and you were satisfied with his or her work, select the “Preferred writer” option while placing the order. Working with the same writer, again and again, you will also receive papers written in the same style, which is beneficial for you.
  • If your order isn’t urgent, check notifications and messages sent by our Customer Support team every day. Otherwise, we suggest you tracking your order hourly, commenting on any changes and helping our writer to get the task right. The best essays always result from good communication and understanding. You can receive SMS notifications on the writing process by selecting the “VIP service” option while placing an order on the website.
  • Tell us as many details about your order as you can. The same applies to revisions as well. The better you describe your wishes, the easier our writers will write what you want.
  • If you’re not fully satisfied with the work of our Customer Service Representatives and if you think that they didn’t provide proper assistance, you can email our manager directly.
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