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How to Write Medical Case Study Report

Medical Case Study

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Writing medical case report is a helpful thing in medical practice since it gives a lot of new information about different diseases. Every patient case is unique and it often happens that doctor deals with illnesses which symptoms are unusual. So in order to make a treatment effective and diagnose a patient correctly, a medical case report is created. Title…

Case Study: How to Write it on Mathematics

Case Study on mathematics

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Compared with the widespread methods of active learning of students, the case-technology method is not so well-known. Even less it was tested in applying to mathematics at school, because unlike such disciplines as economics, humanitarian disciplines and even physics, it presupposes the resolution of the participants in training groups of the problem, which in its essence has no unambiguous solution….

Case Study: Simple Steps to Analyse It

How to Analyse a Case Study

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Why students have to learn how to analyse it and what is analyzing of a case study? Let us begin with a case study, which is – a training method designed to improve skills and experience in the following areas: identifying, selecting and solving problems; work with information – understanding the meaning of the details described in the situation; analysis…

How to Write a Summary Of an Article? Get Some Practical Tips

Summary Article

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First, let’s define the concept of summary itself in order to understand the difference between it and other kinds of written works. So, the summary is a key point of the text; it is not just the presentation of the author’s thoughts in one’s own words, but also the highlighting of only the essential basic thoughts of the text. There…

How to Write a Good Article? Here Are Fast Tips to Succeed

how to write good article

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The ability to write well does not mean that you can create great web content. The Internet significantly differs from the other media and has its own specific requirements. The first factor is the easy switching to another source of information. As soon as the reader gets bored, tired or feels the uselessness of your material, they can move to…

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