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How To Write Argumentative Research Paper Topics?

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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Whether you are in middle school or college, you have to deal with a lot of writing. An argumentative research paper happens to be one of the most complex tasks on your way. Here you have two options. You either refer to the research paper service for assistance or take the challenge on your own.

If you decide to write this kind of paper all by yourself, you will have to rely on your creativity. What is not less important is the ability to find a decent topic.

How to select a decent topic?

When it comes to argumentative writing, you should craft the topic that provokes a discussion. Thus, it should be a controversial theme having several possible answers so that you have space for arguing with different points of view. Here are the main features of an interesting and engaging subject matter:

  • It provokes a reaction so that many readers can take it to heart.
  • You can find strongarguments to prove your point of view.
  • It does not about addressingmoral issues but rather holding a logical discussion.
  • It is catchy enough to make your audiencethink about it after he finishes reading.
  • You feel interested in conducting the research and discussing it in your paper.

If nothing comes to your head, think of hiring a well-qualified paper writer to create your custom research paper. If it is not an option for you, be ready to come up with a decent topic. In case you need some inspiration, have a look at some nice ideas below.

Public topics

  • Is gun control an efficient approach to maintaining the level of crimes?
  • Is it reasonable to use animals for experiments?
  • Does the death penalty affect the number of crimes?
  • What can be done to keep society in a healthy weight?
  • Should there be a special punishment for destroying rainforests?
  • What is the way for students to add up to the social movement for nature’s protection?

Topics for middle school and college

  • Is low academic performance a result of ineffective teaching?
  • Should vending machines be removed from schools?
  • It should be forbidden for children to watch movies with scenes of cruelty.
  • Should parents use physical power to their children?
  • Is there is a need for having physical education at school.
  • What is the most appropriate age to going for elections?
  • Is there any excuse for white lie?
  • Is it reasonable to increase taxes for wealthy people?
  • Modern society cannot survive without technologies.
  • Is there any connection between violent movies and violent behavior?

Teaching topics

  • The role of inclusive schools for average students?
  • Is it a must for a person to get a university degree?
  • Does parents’ social status influence the child’s education?

Medical topics

  • Should medical treatment be refused because of a social status?
  • Should teenagers go through plastic surgery without parents’ approval?
  • Should the government punish parents for ignorance to their children’s obesity issue?

Psychological topics

  • Is there any possibility for boys and girls to build a strong friendship?
  • Do men need protection from feminist attacks?
  • Should surrogacy be authorized by the national government?
  • Depression is a serious medical issue in modern society.
  • Can online dating be an alternative to real dating?

Philosophical topics

  • Moral rules put people into narrow frames.
  • Should abortion be authorized by the national government?
  • Does it make any sense to call patriotism a virtue?
  • Are people good or bad by nature?


Creating an argumentative research paper is easier than it seems. Your task is to select a creative topic, create a draft, and revise it properly. Done well, you receive the highest grade for your paper so that you can keep it for your future job portfolio.

If you don’t feel like wasting much time on finding the suitable topic and creating the whole paper from scratch, you can always request professional assistance from experienced writers.

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