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Course work Sample: Corporate Social Responsibility of Cardinal Health

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Course work Sample: Corporate Social Responsibility of Cardinal Health

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means that the company integrates environmental and social concerns in its policies and business activities. CSR is an important part of the company’s business operations, as it demonstrates the company’s interest in the solution of global problems and attracts potential customers with the same values. This paper examines the CSR policy of Cardinal Health and the implementation of the policy in the company’s mission.

The CSR policies of Cardinal Health focus primarily on environmental sustainability and environmental health. The company relies on the ethical pillar of corporate responsibility, as its main goal is to promote environmental health and safety of employees and to preserve planet Earth (Cardinal Health, 2019). Cardinal Health strives to achieve its goal through the creation of the corporate culture that values environmental sustainability and the safety of workers. According to the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policy of the company, the working conditions of employees and all business activities of Cardinal Health should adhere to international EHS standards (Cardinal Health, 2019). Cardinal Health believes that one could prevent all working injuries and illnesses and all environmental accidents and conducts regular training sessions to ensure that all employees comply with the safety rules (Hospital Efficiency Network, 2018).

Cardinal Health also demonstrates its adherence to ethics through the facilitation of environmental responsibilities among employees and the public. The company supports an environmentally friendly corporate culture and motivates employees for environmental protection through the introduction of clear environmental plans for each year and updates the environmental knowledge of employees during training sessions (Hospital Efficiency Network, 2018). Also, Cardinal Health closely cooperates with the communities for the creation of a healthy environment and the solution of environmental challenges.

The ethical CSR policy of Cardinal Health complies with the mission statement of the company and with its business operations. According to the mission statement, Cardinal Health aims to help its customers to prosper in a changing world (Indeed, n. d.). The company aims to make the lives of its customers better, and the preservation of environmental health is an important aspect of the safety of people. Furthermore, the company personally contributes to the change of the world improving the state of the environment. One of the primary achievements of Cardinal Health includes its energy-saving projects that decrease the consumption of energy (Hospital Efficiency Network, 2018). For example, the energy saving project in Malta involves the purchase of photovoltaic panels, injection-molding machines, and LED lights and is expected to reduce the consumption of energy by 750,000 kWh per year (Hospital Efficiency Network, 2018).

Cardinal Health also supports the prosperity of customers in the changing world through the creation of environmentally friendly packaging for the company’s products. The production of the packaging involves a minimal amount of raw materials and is based primarily on ecologically friendly and easily recyclable resources (Hospital Efficiency Network, 2018). Cardinal Health also tries to make the size of the packaging as small as possible to decrease the amount of waste and to save space (Hospital Efficiency Network, 2018). The smaller size of the packaging means that one truck could transport more products at once; as a result, the number of trucks and fuel required for transportation decreases.

The CSR policy of Cardinal Health focuses mainly on the ethical pillar of responsibility, as the company strives to create an environmentally friendly organizational culture and to motivate employees and communities for environmental changes. Ethics also forms the basis of the business operations of the company. Cardinal Health supports its mission and environmental views through the production of eco packaging that reduces environmental pollution and through the energy saving projects that reduce energy consumption.


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