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Writing an Educational Research Paper

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Educational Research Paper

Pedagogical studies go further and deeper with every year, and due to this, we are able to understand human nature even better. Composing a research paper about education is a great chance to make a contribution to pedagogical studies, or to simply share some helpful tips with your class.

If you are a future teacher, you will have to craft educational essays quite often. The topics for such papers may base on the current educational trends, your practical experience, and so on. Sometimes, students are assigned to interpret and explain how a particular outcome from previous research can be used in the educational process. To come up with a good paper on education, you should have a solid knowledge of educational strategies and be a good psychologist who is able to collaborate with students of different ages. One more way to get an essay that you need is by turning to a reliable research paper writing service.

The Structure of Research Paper about Education

Title. Your title should reflect the topic of your essay. Make sure it is concise, still clear, and comprehensive.

Introduction. In this section, you should provide a short and comprehensive summary of your research. Strive to make it irresistible so that the reader wants to keep reading the whole paper. Prove that the issue you have chosen is worth discussing.

Body. In this part, you aim to provide your arguments, supported with information gathered from primary and secondary sources. Support your practical conclusions with appropriate theoretical statements and discoveries. You can refer to any corresponding types of research by known scientists as you are not the first person to turn to a particular issue in the educational field. You should also include methodology in the body part of the project.

Conclusion. This section of your paper has to provide a summary of your findings and outcomes and mention all the concepts and approaches covered in the essay. You can write about the perspective of your results and how they differ from those of other researchers.

Guide on Writing Your Paper

  • Choose the topic. Classical programs are known as solid and unshakable, but you can make them look fresh and exciting by transferring them to the world of modern technologies. Do not choose a too broad topic; instead, narrow it and write in detail about one specific aspect.
  • Conduct profound research. Use only credible and reliable sources to create an original paper. You can use both printed and web-based sources.
  • Write the outline and craft an initial draft basing on it.
  • Define all the terms precisely. Since most terms are polysemantic, you should carefully choose the definitions which are appropriate in the context of your paper.
  • Compare various sources and the outcomes of your own research.
  • Provide some background information for your thesis. It is a good idea to include graphs and tables to make the paper better understandable.
  • Assess your research objectively. Is your essay exciting and thought-provoking? Are the outcomes actual and useful?
  • Study the available projects on the topic to get a template for your future essay.

Things to avoid

You can purchase a qualitative but cheap research paper that will meet your professor’s requirements, or you can craft your own one. In this case, you should know the common mistakes to avoid:

  • Being incoherent (rambling from one point to another)
  • Including information without thorough analysis and personal contribution
  • Scattering your focus among several aspects of the study
  • Not including the section where you explain the significance of your research
  • Providing too many direct quotes
  • Using irrelevant data

Educational Research Paper topic ideas

  1. Can the classical educational system endure online problem solvers?
  2. Homeschooling
  3. What are the pros and cons of using metal detectors in schools?
  4. Early childhood education: is it good for kids?
  5. How to reduce school violence?
  6. The effect of modern technology on education
  7. Ways to cope with information overload
  8. Ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle among children and students in educational institutions
  9. The primary goals of the educational process
  10. Sex education
  11. Do we need grades in the educational system?
  12. Compare same-sex schools to the mixed-sex ones
  13. Are college graduates able to make more money?
  14. Should students who make failing grades be put with the successive ones, so they perform better?
  15. Should there be more focus on environmental problems and resource conservation in high schools rather than on language and math skills?
  16. Basic recommendation for parents and teachers educating a child with disabilities
  17. Virtual classes and research rooms
  18. Modern technologies in education
  19. The difference between basic education in different countries
  20. Should modern education be more focused on the development of emotional intelligence?
  21. Are teachers today less dedicated than teachers several decades ago?
  22. How to make students interested and motivated?
  23. How does bullying affect the quality of education?
  24. Should parents be involved in the educational process?
  25. Is the dress code in schools necessary?
  26. Education and censorship
  27. How does discipline affect the educational process?
  28. What qualities are crucial for a teacher?
  29. The main approaches to alternative schooling
  30. Is teaching today considered to be just a job rather than a career option?
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