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Online Grade Calculator

How It Works

Before you start working with this tool, we suggest getting acquainted with it so you can understand how to use it. When opening the Grade Calculator, you have to complete three columns and an additional box where you must specify your average grades. Make sure to enter only numerical values in both Weight and Mark columns. You can enter numbers ranging from 0 to 100. If you need to add rows, click + ADD ROW. If you want to edit information, click RESET. The Grade Calculator uses various algorithms of calculation depending on the type of a grade that you need. Thus, you are able to calculate weighted, final, and semester grades as well as your grade for an assignment.

Final Grade Calculator

The Final Grade Calculator helps you obtain an estimated total grade by calculating a required grade for a final exam or an assignment. This value is displayed as a percentage. There are three fields that must be completed:

  • Current grade is the field where you have to specify marks achieved at this moment.
  • Final exam weight is the parameter that reflects the importance of the exam or test.
  • Required final grade is the target total grade that you want to achieve for the subject.

To calculate the required final grade, our Grade Calculator uses the weighted current grade, weighted required grade, weighted current grade, and weighted final exam grade. The formula looks as follows:

Final exam grade = (weighted required grade – weighted current grade) / final exam weight

You can also use the Semester Grade Calculator to calculate the required semester grade. It works the same way as the Final Grade Calculator, but its results are calculated for the semester. This program has three fields for grades: the First and the Second Quarter Grades, and the Final Exam. Other two fields contain the Final Grade and the Percent of Semester Grade. The Percent of Grade field represents the percentage value of quarter grades. In turn, the quarter grades show your grades for classes. You have to enter all necessary information to calculate the required final mark. The Semester Grade Calculator allows you to easily calculate the semester grade as well as to estimate the grade for the final exam that you must get to achieve the final grade that you need. In the latter case you need to specify the necessary value in the Final Grade field. Grade calculators can help students achieve their goals and improve their performance in classes.

Evaluate Your Progress with the Weighted Grade Calculator

Many students want to estimate their average grades to get a complete picture of their real success and set proper goals for the future. The Weighted Grade Calculator is a simple and useful tool that allows you to do it easily. It calculates the percentage of the total grade weight. The weighted grade is calculated based on the weight of received grades within the final grade. To calculate the grade percentage for total points, you can use the Grade Percentage Calculator. In this case, the received points are divided by the final possible points. Many colleges and high schools provide similar calculators for students so that they can calculate GPA – a grade point average. Such calculators usually work with the average value of your achievements in a set of classes or in a course, considering a certain period of time. You have to specify grades for a number of quizzes, tests, or any tasks. Some college calculators show numerical values or numerical rankings, while others display letters (A-E). If you sum this value with all your final grades and divide this number by the number of grades, you will obtain the average value. All educational institutions have different calculators, so if you can’t calculate a certain grade using a calculator of your university or college, you can easily do it with the help of our online Grade Calculator.

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