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Government Research Paper Topics

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Government Research Paper Topics

Finding an appropriate topic that would suit your study can be challenging enough to take much of your time and effort. When it comes to such a broad field as government, you might be overwhelmed with numerous aspects that can be covered. Students are often recommended to refer to paper writers who have vast experience of writing different types of research papers. While you still can come up with your own topic, we have some ideas set straight for you:

  • Freedom as the basic civil right in a given country
  • Financing of political campaigns
  • Role of government in fighting against terrorism
  • Women representation in politics

Freedom as the Basic Civil Right in a Given Country

Among all civil rights, freedom is probably the most complex and controversial one. As long as it is granted to citizens through national common or statute law, the government determines its own set of rules. Whether it’s freedom for speech, religion, or security, the content differs from one country to another. By addressing this subject matter in your research paper, you can identify some of the freedom and civil rights bestowed upon the citizens of a particular country. Whether they go along with the basic human rights, it is for you to investigate.

Financing of Political Campaigns

Campaign financing, as a key characteristic of democracy, refers to funds increase with the purpose of promoting political parties, presidential candidates, party organizations, and election activities. Even though most campaign expenses are taken by private parties, public financing is accessible for leading presidential candidates in certain countries. Thus, there are numerous spending responsibilities such as political monitoring and direct expenses for reaching voters. Is it worth to spend millions just to inform the public about candidates’ policies? Here you can go deeper into details by taking the real political campaigns and analyzing their success or failure.

Role of Government in Fighting Against Terrorism

For the last decade, worries about terrorism haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, they become intertwined with worries about immigration and military activities. Your paper may focus on the identification of the role that the government plays in overcoming terrorism. In the long-term prospect, the conduction of this research can help you reveal the reasons behind terror attacks in particular countries, the perpetrators of the terror actions, as well as some recommendations that the national authorities can follow to fight the attacks.

Women Representation in Politics

By choosing this topic for your research paper, you could determine how well women are represented in politics across the world or in a particular country. Furthermore, you could investigate some of the roles of women in politics, the seats mostly taken by women leaders in the national governments, as well as possible improvements of women’s involvement in politics. To go any further, it wouldn’t hurt to specify the legal changes required to take a positive action by the political elite and encourage women’s involvement in crucial for country processes.

What’s next?

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