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History Research Paper Topics

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History Research Paper Topics

History is closely associated with the principles of time and space. To analyze a historic event, you should know the period and location it happened. If the topic is not chosen properly, you might be challenged to finish on time. It is difficult to find reasonable history topics, and it’s even more difficult to come up with quality content. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to refer to professional writers who can craft a custom research paper for you at the highest level possible. Meanwhile, here is a tiny handful of topics that you might consider for history class:

  • Slavery in the US history
  • Racism in the Latino world
  • Bad and good sides of the French Revolution
  • Influence of Karl Max on the historic events

Slavery in the US History

US history is marked with numerous racial and discriminative events that might be interesting to write about. The journey of the Blacks on the US territory started in the 17th century when slavery became an official phenomenon. In the foreign settlements, there was a common belief that the Blacks were lower-class people. Thus, you could explore the abuse of major human rights, abolition of slavery, as well as consequences of this phenomenon. Also, you can have a fresh look at the fight between the North and South of the country because of the anti-slavery moods in 1860.

Racism in the Latino World

If you feel like writing about a more recent subject, you could examine the Mexican-American relationship in the national and foreign politics of both countries. The ignorance of the basic rights of Latinos on their native soil is a great topic for discussion so that you can find the parallels between the modern issue and its historic background.

Also, you can focus on the civil rights movement of Latinos that started during World War II. The Latin soldiers returned from the military actions were denied having equal treatment. For instance, the Chicano army’s contributions still haven’t received full recognition.

Bad and Good Sides of the French Revolution

Research projects about French Revolution are among the most difficult ones due to the number of events took place in that period. Numerous imprisonments and murders were followed by the never-ending suffering of average French citizens. You can write about different periods of this long-term process. For instance, the events that took place from 1789 to 1799 are among the major social upheavals in world history. Thus, Napoleon Bonaparte eliminated the French monarchy and caused the expansion of French territories. While completing this paper, try to be specific by focusing on the effects and triggers of specific events.

Influence of Karl Marx on the Historic Events

The influence of Karl Marx on the development of many countries can be explored from many perspectives. Thus, you can analyze its impact on communist regimes in different countries or the struggles of proletarians and bourgeoisie. The presence of communism in the 21st century also finds its reflection on certain events, which is something to be discussed in your research paper.

What’s next?

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