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How to Get Your Homework Done Fast

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Homework Done Fast

Sometimes homework becomes a quite frustrating process, especially when you have too many things to do, being limited in time. However, we know how to omit these difficulties and get more time for more enjoyable activities. The secret is that you must stay focused, plan your work in advance, and get some motivation.

Stay Focused

First of all, choose the right work area. Make sure that nothing will distract you from working and that the place is well-lit. Don’t sit on the floor or in your bed, because such a setting will rather make you sleepy than productive. You must sit in a comfortable position. Find a desk and organize all your things so you can easily reach any book, notebook, laptop, or anything else that you may need while writing.

Most people are productive when they sit in a quiet room. Close the door and create a relaxed atmosphere. However, if you like noise, you may enjoy working in a coffee shop or other public place. If you feel most focused when you play your favorite music, you are free to do so, but make sure that it won’t distract you.

Put away all distractions, such as your smartphone, TV, or computer (unless you’re going to use it for work). We also suggest installing special apps like Freedom of Self-control, that will block unnecessary websites while you’re working on your homework.

Many students don’t have enough time just because they spend too much time chatting with friends or reading their newsfeed on social networks. If sometimes you open a Facebook, Instagram, or another app, and then suddenly realize that a couple hours just passed away, then you have to get rid of such a distraction while you’re working. Turn your phone off. If you really need your phone, set a timer that will signal every 5 minutes when you unlock it.

Once you’ve prepared a perfect environment, define how much time you have for each task. Set a timer and check it frequently to know how much time left. This simple method will allow you to detect what activities take most of your time and will give you a little push in case you got distracted.

Plan Your Work

Provide fast access to all necessary things, such as books, pens, papers, and so on, so you won’t spend your precious time on looking for something. Make sure that your desk is clean, and all your tools are properly organized.

Plan your work in advance. Estimate the total time you may spend on all your tasks, and write a to-do list, noting how much time you have for each particular task. Cross tasks off as you complete them.

After school, don’t waste your time. Make your homework your highest priority, and get to it as soon as you get home. If you leave your tasks for later, prepare to work in a rush, which is definitely not the best way to get good results.

Sort your assignments by priority, taking into account all deadlines. Divide your assignments into three groups, and start from the most important one. Note that deadlines are not the only important thing. For example, if you have a ten-page assignment that is due in five days, this task may have higher priority then a short essay due in three days. Obviously, if you have to write something by tomorrow, this task is the most important one.

Motivate Yourself

The simplest way to reward yourself for good work is taking small breaks. For example, you can have a 5-minute break every 30 minutes to eat a snack, do a little workout, or just walk around. Stay hydrated: water is extremely important for your body, and your brain needs it too. If you want to stay productive, you must drink a lot. However, don’t drink soda or any other carbonated and sugary drinks. If you want something sweet, eat an apple or grapes.

Don’t eat greasy food. Vegetables and fruits are your best choice because they can give you necessary vitamins, and your body won’t spend extra energy on digesting heavy dishes. In fact, when you’re a little hungry, it may help you focus and work much faster — that’s the way we are built.

Another great way to reward yourself is planning some fun activity after your homework. Meet with your friends, play football or video games, do whatever makes you happy. Think about these fun activities while doing your homework, and you’ll be motivated to get it done faster.

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