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Religion Research Paper Topics

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Religion Research Paper Topics

Religion is one of the broadest fields for finding a great topic for research. At the same time, this is something you will not find much information about on the Internet. Thus, you will have a good opportunity to demonstrate your research skills and critical thinking. Occasionally, it might be difficult not to offend anyone’s feelings, especially while exploring the history of religion with numerous battles and conflicts on a religious basis. If all this sounds difficult for you, research paper writing service will be more than helpful. Still, you might need some ideas to proceed with writing:

  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Conversions through history


As one of the oldest religions in human history, Judaism offers a variety of topics for discussion. It would be reasonable to create a historical perspective for analyzing Jewish survival, despite never-ending persecutions. To be more specific, you can explore the given religion on a timeline, as well as identify whether Judaism is under a provable blessing that enables its continuance. Alternatively, you can focus on a narrow topic by examining the beliefs of the faith’s advocates, such as Judas Maccabeus and Oskar Schindler.


In the 21st century, Islam is widely viewed as a considerably aggressive and violent religion. Your research task is to identify if that’s really so. Even if it is not true, you could go deeper into details by exploring why the Islamic faith evokes so many negative associations. In this case, you will need to thoroughly explain Islam’s origins in regards to its central beliefs and analyze its misuse for causing harm to others. Thus, you would try to prove that Islam followers can co-exist peacefully with other religions across the world.


This religion is explored through the prism of the conversion of Siddhartha Gautama into the Buddha, who became the symbol of the new faith. You can focus on his life by researching the historical events surrounded him and the cultural impact he had on other people. Also, you might want to examine the social and spiritual environment of India that allowed him to find followers of his beliefs. Alternatively, you can analyze the Buddhist tradition in the 21st century on the example of the whole country or local religious groups.

Conversions through History

Here, you can explore any religious conversion taken place in human history. For instance, the conversion to Christianity or conversion to Islam could be examined through the prism of historic processes of incorporation, adhesion or hybridity, creation of new religious synthesis, and transformation. Also, religious conversions can be related not only to people but also to sacred places (the city of Tenochtitlan). In your research, you should analyze the term of conversion in the context of the transformation of space, as well as describe these interrelated aspects throughout the religious change.

What’s next?

A topic for a good research paper on religion needs to be interesting and clear for both the writer and the reader. If you are still looking for some help with topic selection or writing your academic assignment from scratch, our experienced writers are available anytime. Be ready to receive a cheap research paper written at the highest possible level. Simple and easy as it can be!

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