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Sample Law Business plan

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Sample Law Business plan

On May 2nd I contacted the Allegiance Moving Company to make an inquiry on the moving to a studio apartment.  The adjusters made it clear that the cost of moving would not exceed 10k. On the 3rd of May the contractor from the company contacted me but gave a higher amount than the aforementioned. He gave a quote for a premium package amounting to $5,200.

I later went window shopping in other moving companies for the purposes of comparing the costs. This took a while; meanwhile, the contractor kept calling and nagging Nick even calling my Trust Company. Nick accepted the offer; the representative ordered that half the price be paid on the day of acceptance. This would attract a promo discounted for a memorial weekend of $2000 reducing the amount payable to $3200. It is worth noting that the company representative assured me that the discount will not affect my premium package.

May 7th, I paid a down payment of & 2,790.19 towards the moving.

A few weeks later the representative changed his communication tactics and remarked of changes in the contract. During that particular month, I received five different invoices and they made it clear that I owed the company 10 Grand since Nick only deposited 6k. These events were followed by days of consumer harassment and rudeness that I thought of this as a scam.  I have the documentation but the nature of the agreement is not binding.

The legal advisors did not appear bothered by my case as a result, I did not get any communication of feedback given the client-attorney communication privileges.

The only help I got was to get a second company to facilitate my moving. By May 7th I had hired a new set of movers who ended up playing games with the appointments. They promised to move my stuff on the 31st and they missed the date they promised to be done by the 1st day of June but breached their contract as well. As a result, I canceled a flight on the same day to wait for them as they kept reassuring me of their proximity. I paid a thousand dollars and they are yet to show up.

I need legal help on how to recover the lost amount of money since I did not move nor get any benefits despite the fact that I send the company money. I have the documentation to prove my transactions with the two companies. I am writing to request your urgent attention and response as my lawyer concerning these two cases. They are clearly a breach of contract that has exceeded more than the period agreed upon. I consider the behavior of these two companies as unethical and malicious. It would be unfair for these companies to continue operating under such behaviors. I have attempted reaching you by phone severally to find out about the legal procedure for my cases. It has been a while since we communicated; I acknowledge that your hands are full but I would appreciate hearing from you so that I can make an informed decision on the apartment for the same of my daughter and me. I would appreciate you contacting me regarding this situation through my phone or email (phone/email address).

Thank you for your assistance on this matter.

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