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Sample: Relationships Essay

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Sample: Relationships Essay


I have never been in a serious relationship with a person outside my family. However, my mentor cautions me that such relationships should be handled with caution. From him, I have come to appreciate that you must invest something in your partner for him or her to give something in return. For example, people should have goals that keep them united as opposed to just spending time without goals. My mentor also told me that a person should supplement the goals with other aspects such as trust, loyalty, selflessness, and dedication. A person who gets into any relationship without these virtues or other goals ends up suffering. Still, I have come to appreciate that a person should have clear, genuine, and legitimate goals for getting into a relationship. For example, through my own interpretations, I have come to realize that most people who feel single or lonely, yet they have partners did not have legitimate goals for starting a relationship. Also, after analyzing the opinions of my mentor, I have recognized that people should not have broad or too many expectations when getting into a relationship. My advice is that a person should get into a relationship without expectations. After a period, both parties should set expectations after analyzing their commonalities, weaknesses, and strengths. On top of this, I have come to appreciate that a relationship should be symbiotic as opposed to being parasitic. For example, one person should not contribute to goal achievement as the other person rests or focuses on other things. An ideal relationship should have defined responsibilities where each person contributes to the wellbeing of the other. Finally, I have appreciated that people have to learn to forgive, forget, and move on. People who forgive each other rarely fight.

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