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Science/Environment Research Paper Topics

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Science Environment Research Paper topics

Environmental study covers a vast array of biological and physical aspects which are balancing between the natural world and scientific theory. The rapid increase of environmental issues gives more opportunities for finding the topics that would be interesting to readers. To get an excellent grade, you need to think out of the box.

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  • Massive disposal of polythene products
  • Constantly growing population
  • Climate change
  • Endangered species

Massive disposal of polythene products

Intensive disposal of plastic products contributes to the air pollution that affects the whole planet. By choosing this topic for your study, you will explore the impact of polythene items on the environment and suggest the possible ways of eliminating plastic waste. Also, you can analyze the alternative products which might be less harmful. Instead of examining the problem itself, you could focus on the governmental and social initiatives aiming to overcome this issue and identify their effectiveness on the example of a particular country.

Constantly Growing Population

It is a well-known fact that the Earth has to deal with the growing problem of overpopulation. Thus, humanity has to suffer from a wide range of side effects such as excessive air pollution, continuous soil degradation, and reduction of Earth resources. To survive, we do many things that influence the biodiversity required for the planet. In your research paper, you need to write a summary of the problem, analyze the consequences, and explore different ways of keeping overpopulation under control. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, focus on a narrow topic by examining the alternative forms of energy such as biomass- and hydrogen-based power.

Climate Change

Climate change is probably one of the most popular subject matters in environmental studies, but it doesn’t mean you can’t address this topic from new perspectives. Thus, you will identify the side effects of global warming in different countries and whole continents. Furthermore, you will determine some of the possible effects of increasing temperature on the local flora and fauna.

Even though the climate goes through certain transformations, it is still widely discussed whether global warming is really the case or just fiction. This is something you could investigate by analyzing the processes going in the atmosphere and giving them a logical explanation.

Endangered species

Today, a constantly growing number of animal species are included in the category of the endangered ones. This problem is a direct result of excessive hunting, the illegal transportation of animal products, as well as changeable temperatures. Many countries across the globe are making numerous attempts to stop this process. In this regards, you could explore the governmental and social initiatives such as the reproduction of endangered animals by creating natural reservations. Also, you could conduct your research on the basis of a particular endangered animal. Thus, you would highlight the factors causing extinction and suggest possible prevention measures.

What’s next?

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