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Order #423141

They have never provided me with a bad essay. Only well-written, structured papers with proper formatting. And they always give papers away on time. They do provide free revision, but I have never asked for one.
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Order #862322

Well-written and straight to the point paper. I like the way my writer organized it and formatted. Thanks for quick and top-quality assistance. A paper really looks nice.
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Order #732976

I have been using the service for 3 years already. Everything is great!!!
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Order #745322

I put my writing assignment off and then completely forgot about it. It was a lucky break to found you. I got an immediate reply to my request. So, my paper was completed within the deadline I asked. Thanks for being so fast and smart. You did a perfect job.”
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Order #073322

I got an amazing paper written by using good sources of information. It was something I needed. Thanks for formatting in the way I asked, I can never do this by myself in a proper way. Hope to succeed with this paper. But you guys did a good job in any case.”
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Order #983109

I am pleased with the order because if goes even beyond my expectations. Firstly, I thought it was a risk to place my order here and pay the money. However, the result I got makes me happy now. You are all great. Keep on going.

Order #903213

I want to tell that this service managed to gather great professionals. Customer support specialists are always polite and delighted to help with all problems and questions. Writers prepare top level works that undoubtedly are best in the group. Team, thanks for such great help and I am definitely going to order only at this service.

Order #137831

What I like about essay lib is that they have their service totally arranged. There is no hush or any unprofessional behavior. Everyone knows what to do and seems to fit the place. I want to express special thanks to my writer, you are the best!

Order #603192

I am enormously grateful to the writer for my essay. You’ve done a great job and absolutely pleased me with the result. It is nice to know that such experts deal with your orders.

Order #819822

I ordered a term paper this service and I am delighted with the outcome. The service is great, prices are affordable and my grades are excellent!

Order #982111

No matter how complicated your assignment is, these guys can cope with it at the high level. This is also checked and approved by numerous of my friends.

Order #728403

When you place an order, you usually have to wait for about 10 minutes when someone gets in touch with you. Here they call you in a couple of minutes, which is good when you’re a bit in a hurry and would like to finish it asap.

Order #393455

If someone asks my advice where to buy academic papers, I will name this service without hesitation.

Order #392821

Apart from help with essays, the service has its own blog where anyone can find useful tips on academic writing. If you want to write an essay or any other paper on your own, then their blog will be a great finding for you.

Order #192072

When I order some essay from somebody, I’m always very cautious about plagiarism. Because you don’t know who writes your essay and where they take information. When I ordered from Essay-lib, I haven’t had any plagiarism issues so far.

Order #728102

That free revision thing is great, of course, but luckily, I didn’t use it once. All my essays were very good. I had no remarks, I had no issues even after submission. I guess this shows the level of responsibility for the work they do.

Order #782942

I buy papers only from these guys because they always send me my orders on time. If I set the deadline in five days, I receive my paper in five days. That’s it. If you want to receive your papers without delay, order from them.

Order #209381

Their writers are very attentive to details. My assignment was an essay formatted in MLA, but there were some additional requirements for the title page and the reference page. And my writer did them exactly the way I wanted.

Order #829142

If you would like to know how to place an order, you can check that information on the main page of their website. If it isn’t enough, you can contact their support service, which, by the way, is very professional. And I like it the most.

Order #701286

Customer support service is one of the most important parts of any client-oriented service. have a great support team. A girl on the phone told me how their service worked in general and offered me a discount for the first order.

Order #384254

This is the place where you can order whatever academic paper you want. And not only academic one. This is like the best writing service for a college student. You need an essay? Easy. A research paper? Give them a few days, and they will write it.

Order #719267

The essay service must have some of the best prices in the field. I have checked a lot of online writing services, and most of them are rather expensive. And they are supposed to be affordable for students. Anyway, essaylib are great with this.

Order #502918

They have a very easy order form. It takes you only a few steps to place an order. You need to provide personal and contact information, then information on the very paper. Afterwards, you have to pay, and that’s it. Just wait for delivery.

Order #490375

The fact that the service is available 24/7 makes me relieved. Not that I’m gonna order papers all day long, but sometimes it happens that you forget about the paper because there’s a lot of other stuff to do. And you can reach the service whenever you want.

Order #962186

I’ve been using this service for a while. I don’t know what a missed deadline is, I’ve never heard of revision or, what is more, a refund. They do their job well, and I trust them. I know that when I place my order, I will receive a good paper.

Order #610394

If you are looking for a writing service with original content, you should go to EssayLib. If you don’t provide sources for writing, they find some on their own, write a paper, and then check it for plagiarism. So there’s absolutely no stolen content.

Order #419432

That they are available 24/7 has saved me once. I totally forgot that I had a deadline for my research paper in a week, and I really had no time to do it on my own. I even didn’t start looking for information. My roommate said I should use this service. So I did and submitted my paper on time.

Order #810293

Very understandable website and friendly staff. The girl from the customer support was very helpful. Although they have basic information on the website, I had more questions, and she gladly gave me all answers I needed.

Order #723021

You may write a paper yourself, but when it comes to formatting, it can drive you crazy. I tried to format my paper on my own once, and it was my last time. Now I order papers from here, and they do the proper formatting for me too.

Order #628190

People love free stuff. If you’re a student, you love it even more. When you write an academic paper, there is no way you plagiarize anything. Anyway, you always have to check for it, and you can be sure your paper from here is absolutely fine.

Order #801654

This essay service helped me out once when I remembered in the middle of the night I had to write my essay in three days. They work even in the night, 24/7 to be more precise, so I placed my order at some 3am and got it complete in a day.

Order #916041

I had issues with other writing services when it came to payment, because they didn’t have many options. This service has several payment methods, so you can choose any that suits you most, either a credit card or some online service.

Order #801345

I hate when people are late and don’t even try to develop time management skills. Fortunately, the service has no problem with that. I order essay from them twice and each was right on time, which was perfect because I had to submit soon.

Order #812675

I think they have pretty normal prices. The service may not be very cheap for a student, but it is not expensive so they cannot afford it. Anyway, you get nice quality, and this is most important. I think, no one should ever worry about their prices.

Order #912528

Who has the best customer support service? These guys! Maybe I’m a little exaggerating, but they really helped me. They are very friendly, but you can hear they know their job. If you have any questions, then go straight to them.

Order #467092

What I like the most is a variety of papers they can provide you. It makes a student’s life much easier when you can order an essay, a term paper, a report in one place so you don’t have to spend a lot of time for another writing service.

Order #914234

I value quality. That is why I use this service. They always care about the quality. Their essays are well written and logical. Their writers know how to do their job. I have been ordering essays from them for a long time and will keep doing.

Order #786543

If you are one who is always in a hurry and respect punctuality, this service will be perfect for you. I order my essays only from them, and they have never let me down. My essays were really great and right on time as I asked.

Order #532879

Recently, I had a lot of homework in college. I'm very tired, and I have to babysit a younger brother because my parents are constantly at work.
I'm not shy about ordering an essay writing on this site! We are all human beings and have the right to rest. If there is such an opportunity, why not use it? Moreover, as a professional author writes, I will never be able to write in my life! And I really like that work is always done on time! Thank you!

Order #587643

I don’t remember a writing service where they could find a writer so fast. I waited like about 15 minutes or so, and they got in touch with me and said my order had been assigned. I never talked to the writer, but he did his job very well.

Order #432543

I was really pleased talking to a member of their customer support team. It was my first time there, and I needed some answers about payments and stuff. She was very nice and friendly, she told me everything I wanted to know, and I am very grateful.

Order #763219

My essays always arrive on time. That’s all you need to know if you go to them to order one. Clear price policy, friendly support staff, great essay writers. I come to them over and over again because they provide only good essays. And that’s exactly what I want.

Order #549327

I am so delighted that their prices remained the same while many other essay writing services raised charges much, even too much. But I gotta say if EssayLib raised the price, I wouldn’t go anywhere ‘cause I know they won’t let me down.

Order #398760

You can easily find information you need on their essay writing website. It has a small FAQ section, which explains how the whole thing works. Anyway, if you don’t find your answer, you can get one by getting in touch with their customer support team. They definitely know everything.

Order #873922

I have been using EssayLib for a couple of years, and I don’t think I would ever change it for something else. When you have already built your trust, you don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave this essay writing service because their service is right what I need.

Order #654398

You can order an essay here, of course. But the thing is that the website is also informative. They have a blog where anyone can get some tips on writing and studying. They give tips on essay writing too, you know. So you may try it yourself if you want.

Order #865442

I like the thing on the main page where they post topics of the recently ordered and written I guess papers. If it’s your first time here, it’s a good hint for you to see what the essay service can deal with. And then you can decide whether to order from them or not.

Order #671232

I don’t know how to convince people this essay writing service is much better than others. Yes, it works 24/7 like others do, its papers cost almost as much. But I have never seen that attention to every detail from any other customer support like here.

Order #322655

It is one of the most popular essay services, and my best. I use a few writing services, but EssayLib is fantastic. I always hire essay writer here. They can write any essay you want, and they have many writers who know how to do it right.

Order #234582

Things that you may read on their website’s main page, like original work, on time delivery and so on, all that is true. I’ve been ordering essay from here for a while, so I know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know yet, it would be a great choice.

Order #543212

It was my first essay writing service I tried, and I liked it at once. I like the way they work with customers, and I don’t wanna look for anything else. I came to them to receive a quality service and I really did.

Order #253321

I used to ask for help in writing essays on other sites. But I didn't like something there. The first time the work was done later than the deadline. The second time the essay was incorrectly formatted.
For some time I had to spend on the search for other companies that would perform the work more qualitatively and in good faith. In this search, my classmate Bill helped me a lot. He also suggested this site to me. Since then, I use only them, and this is already 4 months! I am happy with everything! Thank you!

Order #43278

I am very glad that I found this site three months ago! In college, I am often given the task of writing an essay or thesis. I have a lot of tasks, I don't have time to do everything. Moreover, I have to earn extra money.
The authors on this site know what they are doing. They can answer any questions at any time. Payment can be made with the Visa card, which is especially convenient for me!

Order #90866

Writing an essay is not for me! It's very tedious and boring! I like to dance and hang out with friends. And I'm not ashamed of it. But my mother constantly requires me to receive only high grades. As if the whole meaning of our life is only in these grades!
Then I became more cunning and found this site. I began to order the writing of coursework and essays. I paid the money that my father gave me on my pocket expenses. I must admit that excellent authors work here. I could never write such an essay! Thank you! Now grades in many subjects have become better! And my mother praises me!

Order #90011

This site was advised to me by my girlfriend. I have long been struggling with writing term papers, especially descriptive essays. Here you need to use epithets, allegories, colorful describe and much more. And my imagination is not very good, and the vocabulary in English is still small.
The authors on this site are good specialists in their field. They more than once rescued me. The work is done on time, and the cost of works is low. I also like that one of the authors who wrote descriptive essays for me from time to time informed me by e-mail about how the work is progressing.
So I recommend "Essay-Lib" to everyone!

Order #89133

A wonderful site! Authors, with whom I happened to work, are very punctual and executive! They know how to write an essay well, then edit and format it and add all the necessary photographs, diagrams, and graphics!
I entered Yale University from Ukraine just one year ago, and to be honest, it's very hard for me right now. Teachers ask a lot, I haven't enough time. There is no time even to sleep properly!
So "Essay-Lib" helps me out constantly! Thank you!

Order #88654

Youth is a time when you need to rest! I like to go to a bar with friends, meet girls, play rugby. And I like to travel. In my opinion, this is exactly what you need to do in college!
And the study is tedious and not interesting! Especially it concerns writing essays, term papers, and coursework!
So last year I began to look for an Internet site where professional writers will make an essay for you. I found this site first. The first order was executed on time, and the essay was written very well! It was a professional! Since then, for a year and a half, I order here the writing of coursework! Now I have good grades, my parents are happy with me. And Dad even bought me a motorcycle! Guys, thank you for that!

Order #88444

In the future, I will become a famous chemist. I love chemistry, especially organic. I am a person with a scientific and analytical mindset. Besides college, I do chemistry at additional courses. Also, I often take part in the Olympiads in chemistry.
I try to devote all my free time to chemistry. I can’t stand these snotty essays! Especially in English literature, philosophy, and history.
Therefore, I do not hesitate to ask for help on this site. I made the first order in March, since then I have been constantly ordering the writing of essays and abstracts on subjects that I am not interested in. The work is done at the highest level!

Order #88276

Essays, coursework ... What can be more boring? Another thing - boxing! I have already been professionally involved in boxing for 6 years, and I have participated in major competitions more than once. I even have rewards. When I grow up, I will become the second Mohamed Ali!
Study strains me. I can’t write an essay and don't like it. I don't know why they were invented and what is the use of them. I prefer that for me essays are written by real professionals. And I found these professional writers on this site! Thanks for a good job!

Order #88123

Once I did not think that I would start ordering the writing of an online essay. I myself do a good job of it, but in September I had to start working in parallel with my studies. I am a beginner programmer, and I work at home. I get paid well, and I really would like to continue to develop in this field.
I regret that I went to study psychology. However, the university is constantly asked to write theses and essays. For me, my work is more important than studying. But for just a couple of dozen dollars, I can order essays from professional writers! They will do everything on time, and I will get good grades! That's what I call: "Won - won"!

Order #87632

Previously, I ordered an essay on another site. But their orders were carried out with a delay, and once not quite correctly formatted the list of literature at the end of the coursework.
Then I tried "Bid for essay" and was not mistaken! I immediately liked that there is a guaranteed money back in case the work is not performed on time or done badly. Fortunately, it didn’t come to this. Over the past six months, I have ordered here three essays and two theses. Everything was done magnificently! Thanks, guys!

Order #86522

Most of all in the world I do not like three things - cold winter, stupid guys and...writing essays! What could be worse! I do Latin American dances (salsa), and sitting all night at the computer in search of unique information is a real test for me!
For a long time, I wrote coursework, essays, and abstracts for 20 hours a week and more! At the same time, the quality of my essays was far from perfect. That uniqueness did not meet the requirements, and then the sources of the literature used were too old...
One day my classmate advised me the site Here you can order an essay, and you will be able to get it in just a few days! And these essays are written by real professionals! Now I can safely dance and do not worry about studying! Thank you!

Order #98262

It is a great service, which cares that customers are totally satisfied with what they get. Their customer service representative helped me a lot, then I placed an order. I got my paper in a couple days because it wasn’t that urgent, and the paper was very good.

Order #84393

I’ve never thought writing services can write so well. I needed an essay in a day, so I ordered. It was ready in a few hours. So fast I didn’t expected. Well done.

Order #12654

It was my first time I asked for someone’s help with my essay. Usually I do everything on my own, but this time I had too much paperwork. I decided to order from them because it didn’t cost much. I didn’t expect great quality, and I didn’t need it, but the essay was quite good.

Order #76543

They helped me out when I thought I would fail my course. I had to write an essay but had no time for it at all. My friend recommended me to try this service. I’m glad I did.

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