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Narrative Essay Writing: Interesting Topic Suggestions

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Narrative essays tell stories. As you can understand, this definition is pretty broad. Indeed, narrative essay can depict almost anything – from your personal childhood experience to reflections about the global problems of morality. The main trick here is to create a piece that is interesting to read (and write). This is something you cannot do without a really nice topic.

The best thing about narrative essay writing is an opportunity for students to let their creative juices flow to the fullest. These essays might be somehow similar to small novels, which means that breaking a standard essay structure – introduction, body, conclusion – as well as strict chronology is allowed. Freedom of choice is great, but to a certain extent. You should break the rules smartly to avoid turning your writing into chaos. Like any other successful piece of writing, this one starts with a good topic that interests both you and your potential reader. We are here to provide you with some essay help, so check the list of amazing topics for narrative papers and get inspired. We have divided them into different categories for your convenience.

Childhood years

Childhood experience is precious because it reveals the situations of our first recognitions of people, senses, and their meaning. During this period, we start grasping the variety of the world. As such, every person can recall a number of situations that formed the backbone of his/her personality. That is why writing about situations from our childhood is so interesting.

  • A day when you hurt someone’s feelings for the first time
  • Which childhood experience made you a bit more adult?
  • What was your dream profession when you were a child?
  • Tell about an inner conflict that you had to solve as a child
  • Tell about your favorite child book or movie
  • What creative experience did you have when you were a child? Is it drawing, crafting, dancing, singing, etc.?
  • Tell about the most memorable place from your childhood
  • Do you miss something you had when you were a child?
  • Which character traits do you still have?
  • What frustrations did you have during your child years?
  • Which adult problems did you have to solve or witness as a child? How they influenced you?
  • How did you find out that there is a place for injustice in the world?
  • How did you realize that your parents are not all-mighty?
  • What was your first attempt to tell lies?

Valuable experience

In most cases, when you are writing about your personal experience, it is crucial to tell about your thoughts, feelings, and conclusions. As such, you can choose any situation to reflect on, because the plot is less valuable than your thoughts. Narrative essays should depict real-life situations in a literary form, which means that you need to relate to the audience. The only way to do so is to describe your feelings.

  • Tell about the experience that changed your understanding of something important
  • Tell about a dangerous situation that frightened you
  • Tell about inspiring example from your life (a person, event, idea) that helped you change
  • When did you realize that you and your family are united tightly?
  • Can you name someone, who became your role model?
  • Tell about a situation that made you value friendship more
  • Tell about the days when you felt blue and someone comforted you
  • Tell about the book that changed your way of thinking


We all live in a society, so most experiences we have are connected with communication and other people. Writing an essay about relationships, you can describe people you appreciate. Show the way they influenced you and share the most valuable situations you have experienced.

  • A person you don’t want to lose
  • A ridiculous situation of misunderstanding between you and other person
  • When did you experience rejection for the first time?
  • When did you fall in love for the first time? How did this experience impact on your further relationships?
  • Tell about your most loyal and reliable friend
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