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A List of Winning Topics for your Reflective Essay

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Topics Reflective Essay

When writing a reflective essay, you have to focus on something that impressed you and made you rethink your ideas about life, relationships, faith or anything else. This might be any kind of experience: an event, trip, conversation, holiday or just an ordinary day. However, your main task is more complicated than just describing a moment of your life. You are expected to provide your personal reflection about what you’ve learned.

As we have so many events in our life, it might be hard to recall something that can become a solid material for your writing. Read this list of reflective essay ideas to get some inspiration!

Questions to ask yourself before you start writing

An essay writer should start with answering a number of questions to get a right direction when composing a reflective essay. You can use them to develop the paragraphs of your paper and take a right angle.

  • Why this experience was unlike any other? How did you realize this?
  • What surprised you the most?
  • How your emotions can be described?
  • What situations in your life make you recall this important event? Why?
  • Have you changed from that moment? How exactly?
  • Can you describe your experience in a metaphoric form?
  • Did you change your perception of this event with time? Did you make it any deeper?
  • What questions you asked yourself after this event?

Now let’s move to the topics. We have divided them into categories for your convenience.

Significant events

  • Everyday activities like cooking, walking in a park, taking a bath
  • The most special holiday (Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
  • Moving to another city
  • Concert or any other performance you took part in
  • An award ceremony
  • When you got your first pet
  • When you lost your way in an unknown city
  • The most inspiring sport event you have seen
  • The most special date in your life
  • When you were working on something important and your computer collapsed
  • A dream you cannot forget
  • The most unpleasant visit to a doctor you’ve ever had
  • A day, when you didn’t do any of your regular responsibilities
  • A situation when you defended someone


  • When you saw a newborn child for the first time
  • When you felt absolutely broken by the bitter truth about yourself said by someone else
  • A moment when you realized that you were in love
  • When someone’s life inspired you to change your own
  • When you felt guilty for an unknown reason
  • When you lied and tried to hide it
  • An episode of your life when you felt lonely
  • An episode from childhood you cannot forget
  • When you helped a person you saw for the first time (or someone you don’t know helped you)
  • A moment when you felt that your family is a united body
  • When you realized that your parents are not all-mighty
  • When someone’s words made you scared

Special places

  • The street where you grew up
  • A place where you used to hang out with friends when you were children
  • A cafeteria or library where you feel calm and comfortable
  • Your grandma’s house
  • A vacation place your will never forget
  • Any other place where you had an important experience or conversation


  • Watching a sunrise
  • Watching a sunset after a hard day
  • Watching a sea storm
  • Watching on the valley from the top of a mountain
  • Watching a flock of birds flying in the sky
  • Picking berries and/or mushrooms in a forest
  • Bathing in a flashy stream
  • Witnessing a natural disaster
  • Walking/running in the heavy rain
  • Mountain climbing
  • Walking through a place that used to be a battlefield
  • Seeing a wild animal in the forest
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