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Social Issue Essay: Some Interesting Topic Suggestions

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Topics Social Issue Essay

Writing essays on controversial social topics that discuss important issues of nowadays is amazing. Being a part of society, you see and feel various problems and trends that occur constantly and mean something to different groups of people. What about reflecting on some of them and expressing your own point of view? This is a perfect practice for an essay writer. Composing social issue essay, you learn how to build a solid argument and test your persuasive potential. However, this is also a great way to learn more about the major changes and issues we all have to witness.

When choosing a topic for an essay like that, you need to focus on a couple of crucial aspects:

  • Pick something that is easy to research. You don’t want to get stuck with it in the very beginning, do you?
  • This should be a topic that you and your audience is interested in. There is no point in discussing something boring.
  • Your topic should make you passionate, but not too much. If something makes you too emotional, you won’t be able to stay on an objective position.

Now take a look at this list of topics we have prepared for you. Hopefully, you will find something to your liking!

Social science

  • The roots of gift-giving tradition in different countries
  • Various forms of body modifications of different times
  • What were the reasons for Roman Empire to collapse?
  • The issue of polygamy and monogamy
  • The change of gender roles in USA and its possible outcomes
  • Can we trust sociological statistics? Are they anyhow informative?

Social justice

  • Should government control the personal life of people? To what extent?
  • At what point tolerance turns into its opposite?
  • Should we find new approaches to fighting racism? What are they?
  • Domestic violence against men: how society reacts on it?
  • Discrimination on the job market
  • How people infected with AIDS suffer from social injustice?
  • Racial discrimination as an issue of ignorance

Migration and immigration

  • Immigration: what are the benefits it might bring?
  • How United States were changed after Irish immigration?
  • Refugees: how can we help them without harming ourselves?
  • Mexican-American wall: is it madness or a simple solution of a complicated problem?
  • How can we prevent migration of young people?
  • Illegal immigration: why do people make a decision like that?
  • Examples of positive cultural blends that occurred because of immigration

Social prejudice and discrimination

  • Should we fight against hate speech in social media environment?
  • What are the most common stereotypes of American society?
  • Hidden discrimination: how can we define it?
  • Prejudices against black people
  • Should we forget about issues of the past that evoke prejudices in today’s communication?
  • The privilege of white people on the job market
  • Discrimination against LGBT community
  • Prejudices against women
  • How do social prejudices influence on our self-perception? Is it a social or a personal problem?

Cultural property

  • Cultural heritage protection in times of war
  • Copies of cultural artifacts: is it ethical to sell them?
  • Should European museums keep the worldwide artifacts or should they return them to homelands?
  • Why preserving cultural artifacts is important for society?


  • Can we say that illiteracy is a reason of most social problems?
  • Harmfulness of financial illiteracy
  • Political illiteracy and its consequences
  • How emotional illiteracy harm families and further development of children?
  • Why is it hard for adult people to fight with their illiteracy?
  • Do social media platforms increase or decrease social illiteracy?
  • Can literacy make people’s life better?

War and peace

  • Do we pay enough attention to peace education at schools?
  • War as a political crime
  • War economics and their effect on society
  • Media as a tool of propaganda in times of war and peace

Syrian war and its effects on the world

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