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How to Write a Striking Movie Analysis Essay?

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Movie Essay

Composing a movie review must be your favorite type of college tasks. No wonder – watching films is enjoyable! Maybe, you have been assigned to review a classical movie or something new, in both cases you must be excited and willing to start. This task is not so complicated, but if you want to make your paper really impressive, then there are some tips to follow. Read this guide and see how a successful movie review is done.

What do you need to write a really nice piece?

Before you start writing, there is a couple of things to bear in mind. First and foremost, you need to watch the movie, which is obvious. Even if you have seen it before, you should watch if for a second time. Also, you have to prepare yourself for writing and keep these things in mind when watching:

  • Think about the message of the film
  • What visual and narrative strategies are used to make the message clear?
  • Think about your interpretation of the main message
  • Consider the most important plot twists or/and details
  • Think about other movies that are similar to this one
  • Write down some crucial phrases from the film that will serve as back-up for your arguments

When you are done with watching, pinpoint some other important steps for yourself:

  • Find articles, interviews and videos that analyze the film
  • Remember about the theory of movie and base your arguments on it
  • Find both positive and negative reviews to get a full picture

To make a really great analysis, you have to focus on all elements of the film because they work together as a single mechanism and support the main message in a particular form. Pay attention to the composition of the scenes, camera angles, structure of shots, etc. Also, consider the historical and cultural environment a director lived/lives in. This way, you will understand the film better. If you are not sure that you can cope with your task on a professional level, don’t hesitate to delegate it to an essay writing service.

Writing process

  • Make an outline

You can make your outline pretty rough and include only the main aspects you want to discuss. The main parts are an introduction, short summary, analysis, and conclusion. Start with the basic information about the film: present the director, genre, date, etc. Move to the central ideas the director and script writer express. Then you should briefly outline the main concepts and everything that relates to the structure, narrative, and style. Provide a critical analysis and answer the main question: did the director achieve his/her goals? End up with a concluding point.

  • Writing

Here, you have to keep up with the structure presented above. Again, name the director, date of release, etc. The body paragraphs should be devoted to the main themes, conflicts, and character analysis. Each paragraph should contain one idea developed in a clear manner. Discuss some visual techniques used to arrange the scenes and convey the important messages. Don’t forget that your analysis will be more sophisticated if you add some quotations from reliable academic sources. Make sure to include quotations from books, magazines, newspapers, and journals.

  • Conclusion

Perceive the last paragraph of your essay as a process of wrapping everything you have said before in a sweetie paper. Sum your main arguments up and provide the audience with recommendations. This type of writing is less formal than other papers, so you can include an encouragement in the end and tell your readers whether the movie is worth to be seen.

That’s it! Use this guide to remember what exactly you should include in your movie analysis and follow the clear structure when developing your arguments. Enjoy great films smartly! Happy writing!

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