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Narrative Writing

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narrative writing

Fundamentals of Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is a useful skill for children. It helps not only share their experiences, but also develop their writing technique, creating interesting texts and involving readers in their story. To improve such skills, children can write about their own life experience, as well as imagine themselves as a certain animal or cartoon character. The goal is to write a good story, sharing emotions and details of the story in literary form.

We think that it’s important to provide students with ready-to-use ideas, which can serve as a step-by-step instruction. Thus, young writers won’t need to brainstorm about basic elements of essay writing. It’s enough to just follow these instructions, and an essay will be written according to a proper structure. We also highlighted most common questions about narrative writing, and drew up solutions for common problems.

Five-Step Guide for Elementary Narrative Writing

  1. Prewriting

This stage is the first one and the most important one. Students must learn how to choose topics, and how any topic must be expressed to grab readers’ attention. One of the key goals of narrative writing is to share the whole writer’s experience with readers, so they could feel like they have really participated in this story. This is really important, and that’s what differs narrative writing from other essay types. Children must learn how to note necessary details, and they can also draw something, to make learning process more interesting. It’s often difficult for kids, to stay focused on a certain issue for a long time, so such creative approaches are very helpful.

  1. Planning

On the next step, students need to draw up the map for essay. They must be able to sort their thoughts by priority, and build a proper structure that will help develop story in a natural way. We suggest starting from the traditional structure that consists of three major parts. These are introduction, body part, and conclusion. Every part of the essay has its own purpose. The first part introduces the topic and the key statement. Students must be able to formulate their key thesis in a clear and concise form. The body of the essay must explain this point and provide readers with all necessary information. This is where the writer tells a story, illustrating it with vivid details and explaining his or her decisions. Conclusions are necessary to explain why this story is useful for readers, and what it can teach.

  1. Drafting

Another important part of writing is sorting all events and ideas, in order to create a holistic story. This thing is mostly important for children, because they often want to jump from one point to another, making a fragmented text, which is hard to perceive. Students must learn how to make transitions between logical sections of an essay, and how to share their experiences in the most understandable way. It’s hard to overestimate the role of such a skill in development of the child’s personality.

  1. Revising

Another important feature of narrative writing is an ability to assess how the text serves the general purpose of the task. Students must learn how to choose the best words and phrases, making their story persuasive and interesting for readers. This ability is quite important for development of writing skills and it helps study the basic literary methods.

  1. Editing

Of course, an essay must contain no grammar errors. Editing is another important part of any type of essay writing. However, such thing is one of the most hated steps for children. It’s boring and it’s focused on mistakes. Nobody likes to hear about their mistakes.

Students must learn how to find mistakes in the complete essay, as well as how to analyze their common mistakes. Young writers can note their common errors and check their texts with such a list on-the-go, just reading their own essays.

Not only kids, but also experienced writers often need their texts to be checked for grammar errors. On the one hand, there are a lot of online grammar checkers in the internet. On the other hand, successful writers consider such an approach unreliable, since there is no computer program that could analyze texts as good as professional writers do.

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