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Types of Essays

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types of essays

Common Essay Types

If you want to succeed in studying and get high grades, you need to be able to write different types of essays. Essays are required for college applications and tests of many kinds. Sometimes success of your whole essay depends on your ability to choose the correct type of paper. If you’re confused about different essay types, you’re not alone, but we think that you can’t afford to stay confused anymore. There are a lot of essay types, but there are just a few most common ones, so we decided to take a closer look to any one of them.

All types differ by purpose. Some of them imply storytelling, for others you need to draw a vivid picture, or on contrary, give only facts with no unnecessary phrases. Your essay may give readers new information, or express your feelings about certain period of your life. Sometimes you just need to convince others to accept your opinion on certain issue. Depending on purpose, we can distinguish most common essay types.

  • Descriptive essays. Writing such an essay, you have to paint a picture with your words. The goal is to describe a certain object, place, or experience. However, it’s not just a description. An essay must express the deepest meaning of a certain situation, or subject. This type of essay requires developed writing skills and an ability to use vivid words. Your target is the emotions of your readers.
  • Narrative essays. This type requires you to write about your real experience. This type may seem to be relatively simple, but don’t let this apparent simplicity blind you. First of all, you need to express your memories in a concise way. You have to choose the most important things and get rid of unnecessary details, to let your readers get you as clear as possible. You also need to involve your readers and be creative. We suggest you to write in the first person, since it helps readers feel you and perceive your story easier. You also need to explain why this story is important for you and useful for others.
  • Persuasive essays. Here your goal is to convince the reader and make him or her accept your own point on a particular issue. It’s all about facts and your ability to present these facts in the most persuasive way. You can also use quotes of experts to support your point with authoritative sources. Another important thing is to not be one-sided. Always make sure to provide detailed facts and opinions from different sides. Along with this, you must be able to explain, why your own point is the right one.

If you have a chance to choose your topic, we suggest you not to choose too controversial issues. You also must think about your audience. If they will more likely choose a certain point on this issue, you have to take it into account and use it in your essay. Maybe you won’t need too many arguments, if most people usually agree with you. On the contrary, if your point is not obvious, you may make more efforts to convince your readers.

  • Expository essays. This is an informative type of essay, which requires an accurate analysis and facts. You cannot appeal to emotions nor write in the first person. Your essay must include definitions, examples, and statistics. This type of essay includes many variations, such as cause and effect essays, compare and contrast essays and process essays. The latter ones imply a step-by-step description of a particular process.

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