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Psychology Essay

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Psychology Essay

The first thing you need to figure out when you’ve got a psychology essay assigned is your topic. First of all, choose an area you want to focus on. You must be specific because it’s the only approach that allows you to provide enough information and be interesting. We recommend that you choose educational psychology.

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology considers features of an educational environment. Some conditions may simplify the process of education of children, while others may only make their work more difficult. Educational psychology is also focused on various methods of teaching and features of childhood development. Improving methods of education, we can teach children faster, expecting better results.

There are many articles devoted to this area of psychology, so you can easily find a lot of sources for your essay and use them for references or quotes. You can also choose any other area, as a psychology degree allows you to choose from among different options when planning your future career, but educational psychology is especially interesting, and it targets a broad audience. Thus, we decided to provide you with examples from this field.

What Is Psychology?

This is the most important question that we must answer in order to clarify what to write about, and what to focus on. This science studies the human mind and principles of its work. It also studies how our behavior changes in different kinds of environment. This science includes so many different areas that you can always choose something interesting for your essay. Usually, there is no problem with studies and other sources available online that you can use in your work.

The diversity of various materials also hides its drawbacks. First of all, it may be hard for you to narrow your topic. We suggest reading materials published in reputable journals and online education magazines and choosing topics that are the most discussed. Make sure that you use only reliable sources, since there are many blogs and journals that publish materials on pseudo-psychology, including various spiritual practices.


To ensure a logical flow of thoughts, you must begin your essay with an introduction. It is the very first section of your paper, and it’s relatively short, consisting of 3-5 sentences. However, it doesn’t mean that this section is the easiest one. Moreover, we suggest writing this part after the whole essay is done, to clearly understand what to include here. The introduction explains the topic of your essay and focuses your readers’ attention. Thus, it serves both informative and rhetoric functions. Another important feature of the introduction is that here you present your thesis statement, which will be the most important part of the essay.


An essay about educational psychology will be somewhat similar to expository essays, explaining a chosen topic. A body of your essay must be 3-8 paragraphs long. Every paragraph of the body consists of several sentences devoted to different ideas. Each idea must be related to your thesis statement.

The structure of paragraphs is as follows:

  • The first sentence that introduces the main idea of this paragraph;
  • Evidence: facts, quotes, and references that support the idea of the paragraph;
  • A brief conclusion and a transition to the next paragraph.

Before you start writing essay, you must collect enough information so that you will have many facts about your topic to choose from. You must be well acquainted with your topic and provide all the information in an understandable way so that even readers who have never heard of educational psychology can understand what you’re writing about.


The last thing you have to do is write a conclusion. You need to summarize everything that you said and remind your thesis statement. An important thing to remember is that you need to rewrite it. Don’t copy it word-for-word from the introduction. You may want to slightly shift the focus to a broader context so that you’ll leave your readers with something to think about. Don’t make your introduction too long, since it has to just summarize your essay.

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