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Rules and Principles behind an Acceptance Speech

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Acceptance Speech

Sometimes, even after a small victory or award, there is a tradition to make a speech. Mostly, it is an improvisation, and people are trying to remember all their closest people and thank them for current success. However, there is also a situation when you may have a good chance to become a winner, and this is why you need to learn, at least a few principles and rules about making your speech good.

Even if you are a person that has a fear of performing in front of the audience, you can simply read the prepared speech on a piece of paper, but it must be killing and warm.

For instance, try to follow these simple steps in a first place:

  • Speech should be informative. Focus it on the positive aspects. You cannot indulge in unpleasant memories, make remarks or allow yourself inappropriate jokes.
  • It needs to be rehearsed. Train alone and with your friends, so they would help you understand the possible shortcomings of the speech.
  • Calculate the time of the speech. To do this, pronounce it aloud at the normal rate of speech.
  • If it is replete with the information – try to reduce some moments. Perhaps you can group several people together for speech writing help, or shorten the story of why you are thanking these people.
  • If it is too short, add details. Repeat and improve it until it reaches the desired time frame.
  • Note the main points on the card – so you can always ask for a hint.
  • Number the list of names referred to, to make sure that none of the important people are not forgotten, on the other hand, specify the reasons why you thank people.

Among other important aspects of writing an acceptance speech, we can show that three main parts of its body, namely: introduction, main body, and conclusion – have some requirements, if you want to succeed.

The introduction. In the introduction, it is important to start with a right foot and it will increase the chances of your successful performance. Also, you may find these steps useful too:

  1. The importance of the event for you.
  2. Mark the people who received such an honor before you.
  3. Remember those who deserved it no less than you, but did not find themselves on the stage.
  4. Tell us why this event became a reality.
  5. Stories from personal experience are well received because they make you closer to people.

The main body or the main part of your speech. Try to focus on many things that only brought you this victory, but became the main reasons why you are up on the stage or podium.

  1. Tell whom you would thank and why
  2. Specify the names in order of importance, starting with main people.
  3. Make it clear to understand, why you are grateful to these people.
  4. If you want to mention a few people, put them in groups in accordance with their role in your success.

The final part, of course, is a conclusion. You want your speech to end well, so try these small tips:

  1. What did it mean for you – the help, support, and experience.
  2. Summarize the main points of the speech and complete it.

That is how you can impress any audience. Make your perfect acceptance speech with our small guide.

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