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Writing of Fantastic Discussion Essay in a Few Steps

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Discussion Essay

When you start creating your discussion essay, you should remember that it is about taking a particular position. At the same time it doesn’t mean you can forget about opposite side. On the contrary, if you operate facts considering some different aspects of issue, you will be able to defend your point of view. Many students think that such a task is beyond them and prefer an essay for sale. The whole process of writing doesn’t look so complicated if you divide it into several steps.

Preparation block

  1. Make sure you understand the question.It covers those receive the assignment from a teacher or instructor, and this is exactly how it happens in most cases. First of all, read the question carefully and check whether all words and concepts are clear to you. If not, don’t be afraid to clarify.
  2. Work with things you are interested in.Mostly, this point is relevant when you have a chance to choose the question. But still, you will reach better results if you like what you are dealing with.
  3. Provide a solid research. Don’t rush to choose your position as soon as you understand what teachers want from you. You should be aware of the issue; otherwise you won’t be sure in your words and statements. For that it is necessary to learn more about the topic. You may look in your textbook but probably that’s not enough. It is much better to do some reading or surf the Internet, but be careful and rely on credible sources.
  4. Determine your position.Now you know all pros and cons so it’s high time to determine the side you join. State the position in one sentence and be sure to write it down.
  5. Choose main points to cover in the essay and select appropriate sources.To present your position in the best way, you should decide what points to consider. Try to explain what persuaded you to accept this or that position. Don’t forget to support your ideas with reliable sources such as books, journals, scientific articles, and credible websites. Make notes on them while reading, it will make your writing process much easier and faster.
  6. Outline your essay.It is necessary to see a general structure. You can determine and correct the way you present your main ideas and find great examples from the sources you researched before.

Writing process

  1. Create your remarkable introduction.Start with a hook to engage readers. It may be an anecdote, quotation or a story on the topic. Your task is to raise a big interest in readers. After that you slowly move forward but still keep a neutral tone. Then you offer your thesis statement and establish your argument. It guides the reader to what position you will support next.
  2. Build the body of the paper. To make your essay well organized and easy to understand, write your paragraphs according to the outline. Depending on how long your essay is, you can use one idea for the paragraph or one point for one paragraph. You should also dedicate some time to the opposite side. It is a working technique to show your argument from the opposite perspective.
  3. By means of counterarguments you can explain why the position you take is much better.  At the same time, it is decisive not to lose connection between the thesis statement and other point you cover in the essay. You should also take a close look at your narrative. Connect every argument with the previous one and you will get a cohesive paper.
  4. Not to make your words look empty, you have to support all your ideas and arguments with research, so use your notes you prepared previously.
  5. Conclude your essay.Your conclusion is a synthesis of everything you said before. You provided all pieces, so now you need to make a puzzle. After that readers will be able to see a big picture. Show how every key point you considered determines your position. There is no need to restate your introduction. The worthy conclusion is something more sophisticated.
  6. Proofread your essay.Before doing this, leave your paper for a while and then check. If you have somebody you rely on, you can give your writings to him or her.

We hope this piece was useful and helped to cope with the task. You can produce something fantastic like other professionals from any other essay writing service.

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