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5 Useful Tips On How To Write An Engaging Familiar Essay

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familiar essay

When students face such assignment as composing a familiar essay, they might feel confused and startled. Because it’s not the most popular essay type that students are required to write, many may have only the vague idea of what a familiar essay is.

 What is a familiar essay?

A familiar essay is a type of prose paper, which includes personal reflections on a particular subject. The author expresses his unique observations without claiming to be right and the reader may agree with the writer’s point of view or remain with his own personal convictions.

1. Check quality examples of a familiar essay

If you want to come up with a great paper, you need to have a clear understanding of what exactly a familiar essay should look like. After reading several quality samples you will get the idea and writing your own text will no longer give you a feeling of being lost without knowing in what direction to move further.

2. Choose a suitable topic

A familiar essay can be written on almost any subject as long as it doesn’t require deep expert knowledge from a reader who doesn’t know much about what’s discussed. Ideally, your audience should be able to relate to your words easily so choosing topics that are understandable to many people might be the best bet for such type of an essay.

3. Create an outline

A familiar essay is a personal and thoughtful piece of writing but like any other essay, it needs to be structured and organized. Creating an outline will help you stay on track and follow your main idea. You can adjust it in the writing process but a plan will help you follow the direction. The typical five-paragraph structure is the most preferable for a familiar essay but since this type of paper has a personal touch and you are encouraged to express yourself the way you want, the number of paragraphs and their content depends solely on your decision.

4. Try freewriting

For some students, creating an outline might not be the most suitable option for starting a writing process. In this case, they might find useful to try freewriting. This is an activity during which you write whatever comes to your mind in relation to the chosen subject. The method might seem easy but not everybody can switch off his inner critic and ignore initial imperfection of the text. After you feel like you’ve said it all, stop writing. Now you can reread the draft and structurize your thoughts to make the text coherent.

5. Choose a correct tone

A familiar essay distinguishes itself amongst other academic writings by being personal and even informal. The language used in the text must be simple enough for the reader to get your message straight away without guessing what a particular word or phrase might mean. Imagine that you are talking to your reader like as if you were sharing your thoughts with a close friend. Be honest and open but avoid slang and never be superior or condescending.

Whatever topic you choose, writing a familiar essay must be an interesting task and if you use our tips, composing a memorable paper will be a walk in the park for you. If for some reason you feel that you’re not ready to write such paper, contact us with the request “do my essay” and all your worries about your academic assignment will be a thing of the past.

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