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High School Essay

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high school essay

High School Essay: Key Features

To master essay writing, students must learn certain features of this process. They must understand how to prepare for writing, as well as how to create a proper structure, and fix common mistakes. To simplify studying, we decided to write a step-by step guide that can be used as a direct instruction to writing a successful essay for high school.

  1. Prewriting

This step is of key importance, since it determines your further work. You have to choose a good topic, do a research and find necessary sources. Remember that your point must be supported by proven facts, so you can simplify your writing by taking notes at the research stage. Note everything that you consider important, note numbers of pages and names.You can use such notes in your bibliography section, if it’s needed. Choosing a topic, think about your audience and how you’re going to talk to your readers.

  1. Thesis Statement

This is an essence of your entire work, and this is what all your arguments must support and illustrate. On the one hand, your thesis statement must provide your readers with a clear understanding of your point. On the other hand, it narrows your topic and helps you focus on particular features of the chosen issue. Don’t forget that even the most broad and controversial topic becomes much easier to write about, if you focus on particular facts and provide strong arguments in the context of your main idea.

Most students write a thesis at the beginning of the essay. You can present it in the introduction, or keep it for conclusions. If you write it within the introduction, you give your readers more clear understanding of your topic. Keeping it for introduction, you motivate readers to think about such an issue afterwards.

  1. Introduction

This section is of key importance, since it’s the first thing that your readers see. Here you need to introduce your topic and explain why it is important or interesting. You also need to provide your readers with all specific information. Make sure that they know all necessary facts and terms, so they could understand the context of your paper and focus on your arguments. As we mentioned above, here you can also introduce your key statement.

  1. Body

It’s the main part of your essay, where you write your claims and support your point with facts and citations. If you took notes at the very first stage, they will be quite helpful here. You need to sort all your thoughts by priority and build a proper structure. We suggest you to write about each point in a particular paragraph. We also suggest you to start from the weakest argument, moving to the strongest one. You can also use a reverse method, depending on the purpose of your essay and your writing technique.

  1. Conclusion

Here your goal is to illustrate the significance of your main idea. You have to connect all your arguments from the body part to your key statement, and make sure that you leave readers with a clear understanding of your point. Don’t write any arguments here. However, here you can finally reveal your thesis, in case you haven’t introduced it at the beginning.

  1. Editing

Don’t forget to check your essay for mistakes. It may be a hard task, so we suggest you to order our professional writing service. Our writers know how to polish your essay and make it perfect. You can also use one of the online grammar checkers, but if you choose this method, we suggest you to try different programs, since each one of them may miss some mistakes, and there’s no program that could understand your text as a whole, considering a style of writing and the purpose of the essay.

  1. Persuasive Style

This writing style is used for persuasive essays, which are different from any other types. It requires developed writing skills and ability to use metaphors, as well as other literary devices. Remember that your goal is not to inform, but to convince your readers. Make sure that you’re not one-sided, providing all necessary facts about the opposite viewpoints. You also need to explain, why your point is the only right one.

  1. Publishing

We suggest you to share your essay with others. Read it to your friends or relatives, note their reactions, and answer their questions. It’s a great way to understand what exactly you need to improve in your essay, what to get rid of, and what to add. Remember that it’s never too late to make your essay perfect!

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