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How to Write Medical Case Study Report

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Medical Case Study Report

Writing medical case report is a helpful thing in medical practice since it gives a lot of new information about different diseases. Every patient case is unique and it often happens that doctor deals with illnesses which symptoms are unusual. So in order to make a treatment effective and diagnose a patient correctly, a medical case report is created.

Title Choice

The title of medical case report should reflect the content clearly; so that readers can quickly find the information they are looking for.


Using keywords is an important thing to do since it makes a search for information more comfortable. People can use keywords when looking for a certain paper. So be sure that they convey the general subject of a report. Choose around 4 to 10 keywords.

Write a Summary

Another essential part of a medical case report is a summary which should consist of 150-250 words. You should remember that most people will read a summary first of all in order to understand if the information is appropriate for them. A summary must be clear and give the general understanding of a report. You may use one of the summary variants: narrative or structured. The first one is written in one paragraph and summarizes all the information. The structured one includes headings of main sections, methods, and background. Ask a journal you want to publish in about a structure which they prefer.


Every paper starts with an introduction and a medical case report is not an exception. It is one of the most difficult parts because you may include here the information why you’ve chosen this topic and why it is important. A good introduction must contain:

  •    Review of the papers on a similar topic
  •    The reason of topic importance
  •    The historical context of this condition
  •    Difficulties in diagnosing or treatment
  •    The known information about treatment and diagnosis
  •    Your input in research

Writing My Case Study

In the part “Case Presentation”, the author writes the information about a patient. It should be written in a narrative form. Information may include the patient’s words about his or her treatment, test results and patient’s feeling.

Keep Privacy

Any personal information of patient like name cannot be included in your report. Before your research ask a doctor how you can identify a patient: by an identification number or false name.

Management and Outcome

In this section, you should write all the details of the care received by a patient. Include the following details:

  •    The duration of staying at a hospital
  •    The treatment that was used
  •    How long the treatment took place
  •    Improvements during treatment
  •    If treatment was stopped, then why

Discussion of Case

After you finished the writing of previous sections, then you should sum up all that you’ve learned and tell your opinion on treatment and suggest your own ideas.


In this section, all the people that supported your research or writing and those who assisted and a patient should be thanked. Be sure that you keep the patient’s personal information anonymous.


The last thing that should be included in your medical case study report is bibliographic information which helped you write.

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