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How To Write a Satire Essay

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Satire Essay

There are many different types of essays which students are required to write in college or university but the satire essay appears to be a quite specific type of writing. Usually, the essays are meant to be written in a formal way while satire essay may include a bit (or a lot) of humor.

What is a satire essay?

Satire is a literary term for the specific genre of literature. Mainly, it is aimed at criticizing a person for his or her shortcomings, vices or foolishness in a mocking way. However, satire can also be used to enlighten issues in political, social and cultural life events.

A satire essay is a type of writing in which such devices as humor, irony and sarcasm are used to ridicule a person or a subject and expose the follies.

Things to consider before you start writing

Make sure that you understand your topic correctly and go through the instructions from your tutor. Get to know the required size of the paper and its format. You will also need to know whether your essay needs to be written in the third person or from your own perspective.

Steps to follow

  • You need to choose the topic This stage should not be too complicated though since the number of people or events, which amuse and shock us with silliness, is in abundance. Satire will help enhance the absurdity of the topic.
  • Usually, essays require to be informative and factual. A satire essay is a type of writing in which you can (and you should) use exaggeration. Using hyperbolewill enhance the silliness of the subject which you discuss and will emphasize your point.
  • Besides hyperbole, the ironyis a great way to convey your critical message to the reader humorously but effectively. It is based on describing something in the way in which the subject appears to be instead of telling what it factually is.
  • Be careful with using sarcasm. If humor and irony are mild versions of mocking or criticizing something, such device as sarcasm can be hurting. It is a satirical remark made in a bitter contempt and can very offensive. Check out with your tutor how far you can go in using this literary device in your satire essay to avoid offending someone who might have a different point of view.

Even though writing a good satire essay might be a challenge for some students, it can also be a fun experience. If you still feel that you will not be able to complete the task and you need help writing essay, do not worry and contact us for a professional assistance with your essay. Good grades guaranteed!

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