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How to Write a Killing Wedding Speech

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Write a Wedding Speech

How to make the flow of speeches at your wedding not to turn into an uncontrollable waterfall, with a resentment and discontent, and everyone would be happy? We will try to find an answer in the text below.

A Wedding Speech may contain only five important parts, and you should know all of them:

  1. In this part, it is necessary to introduce yourself to the crowd, since sometimes there are many new people that you haven’t met.
  2. Humor parts in any speeches can become a reason for its huge success and a positive attitude from the audience. That is why it is recommended to start with an open joke, after the amazing Mendelsohn’s march. Try to include some good jokes, but do not overextend, you are making a speech at the wedding – not in the comedy club.
  3. Old times – good memories. If a bride and a groom are the friends of yours, then it is a good opportunity to remember sweet and funny moments from your life. Good memories are always a trigger that pulls out only positive emotions and feelings.
  4. Offer good advice. Pointless to describe this part, but make sure you can complete it without any interruptions or awkward moments. Prepared speech is the best one, but if you need help – you can contact speech writing service.
  5. Thank everyone for attending. It is like a logical and simple conclusion when you can thank everyone around for attendance, and underline how special this wedding day is.

Wait! We are not done. These small abovementioned rules can create a good speech for any wedding. Let us now tell about different types of wedding speeches that you may face.

Different Wedding Speeches

Bride’s father speech. Very smart would be to start with a father’s speech that always has an ocean of emotions or even tears.

The main idea of ​​this speech is that the beloved daughter goes to another family. Naturally, when this dramatic moment comes, the excitement of the father can become so strong that it will turn him into a tragedy. So it’s worth starting with a joke. It will be better, including the speaker. If the excitement does not allow a casual joke, you need to come up with the first introductory phrase, and after it make a pause. This will attract the necessary attention of the guests. Let it be a story about the father’s love for his daughter, about what she is like. You can back up everything with some nice story from her childhood, only not the one that will embarrass the bride. It’s time to greet the groom, to say how good it is for him to get married. What exactly in this relationship had made her happy. Show respect to the groom’s family and wish the newlyweds happiness.

Groom’s speech. The main idea of ​​this speech is the confession of love to a young wife. Do not skimp on the sincerest and gentle words – no one, and most importantly – the lady, there should not be the slightest doubt in the hottest, passionate and eternal love. But before you start publicly admitting it, you should thank all the guests for coming to your party. Then the words of love and gratitude for the fact that she decided to bring the happiness to your life. You can tell the story of dating or the moment when it became clear that this is love. Warm words about the parents of the bride are needed. The mother-in-law should become your ally, not your rival. It must be noted how beautifully they raised their daughter, and thank them for such a gift of fate and the trust shown by the parents in the form of their blessing. You cannot forget your own parents. Thank them for their love, help, and support. Also, one should not forget warm words about the best man, because without his help and support it would be difficult.

Practice in advance. The more you rehearse, the easier it will be. Write on the small dense card the basic theses of speech. Do not write the whole speech, otherwise, you will not be able to stay away from reading it all. It will look ugly.

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